How To Get Free Wizard101 Crowns and Membership

Are you interested in getting your hands on some free Wizard101 Crowns or a membership? Get your free Wizard101 Crowns now to unlock new zones, items and content for Wizard101.

With your own free Wizard101 Crowns you will be able to deck out your Wizard with unique mounts, pets, weapons and clothing from the Crown Shop, making you the envy of your friends and everyone you meet.

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How To Get Your Free Wizard101 Crowns or Membership:

Ready to upgrade your Wizard101 account or spend some Crowns in the Crown Shop? Register your account at where you can earn your own free Wizard101 codes which can be redeemed on the official Wizard101 website for Wizard101 Crowns or a free Wizard101 membership.

Earning points on PrizeRebel is simple, just sign up for websites, participate in surveys and complete simple tasks (such as spell checking articles, performing Google searches and watching videos) to get points.

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How To Redeem Your Free Wizard101 Crowns Or Membership:

  • Open a PrizeRebel account and earn points on their website.
  • Visit the PrizeRebel prize section and claim your free Wizard101 game card:wizard101-game-card
  • Login to your Wizard101 account and visit the Wizard101 prepaid game cards page.wizard101-redeem1
  • Next click on the redeem card button and enter your code from PrizeRebel.wizard101-redeem2

Redeeming Your Free Wizard101 Crowns or membership is as easy as that!


What Are Wizard101 Crowns?
There are many things that you can spend your free Wizard101 Crowns on in the Crown Shop. The Crown Shop offers many powerful items and is constantly updated with new items. These Wizard101 Crowns can also be used in games like Wizard101 such as Pirate101.

Use your Crowns in the Crown Shop to gain an edge in the PvP arena, get a unique pet or purchase some powerful equipment to help you take down a big boss, benefits of Wizard101 Crowns include:

  • Purchase extra Gold.
  • Get the best and coolest Mounts.
  • Get a premium pet to become your companion.
  • Get exclusive items for your house.
  • Purchase plants for your garden.
  • Get the most powerful equipment and weapons.
  • Grab some Elixirs to increase your endurance and health in battle.
  • Transformation! Transform yourself into a creature and walk around Wizard City.
  • Hire a Henchman to help you defeat the toughest dungeons and monsters.


What Is The Wizard101 Membership?
The Wizard101 membership is an account upgrade that users can purchase for a month, 6 months or a year. Your free Wizard101 membership comes with many extras including:

  • Access to every world in the Wizard101 universe.
  • Faster energy refill.
  • Increased backpack storage.
  • Larger friends list.
  • Reducded crafting timers.
  • Ranked matches for PvP and the Derby.
  • And many other great benefits.