Free Minecraft – How To Download and Play Minecraft For Free

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How Can I Play Minecraft For Free?
By signing up for PrizeRebel you can get your own free Minecraft gift code which will allow you to download Minecraft for free (for any platform). If you are one of your friends that doesn’t have a Minecraft account yet or just want an account for your own use then PrizeRebel is the number one destination.

By completing simple surveys, playing games and watching videos you will earn points. Earn enough points on PrizeRebel and you can redeem a free Minecraft premium account code. You can then use this Minecraft code for yourself or a friend. I’ve personally claimed enough free Minecraft copies for myself and several of my friends which has allowed us all to play Minecraft together for free.

With a bit of spare time you can quickly get your own free Minecraft copy to play forever, either alone or with your friends. PrizeRebel is a great option if you cannot afford the game yourself or your parents will not purchase it for you.


How To Play Minecraft For Free (Step by Step):

  • Register for PrizeRebel using a link on this page.
  • Fill in surveys, watch videos, play games and complete other tasks to get points.
  • Claim your free Minecraft code from the prize section (shown below).free-minecraft
  • Head over to the official Minecraft website and login to your account. Visit your Mojang account as shown below and redeem your Minecraft gift card:free-minecraft-card
  • Have fun playing Minecraft for free! Once you have redeemed your gift card it will be added to your

What Is Minecraft?
Minecraft is a popular sandbox building game developed by Notch. The major appeal of Minecraft is its randomly generated game world which means that the possibilities are endless in Minecraft, each game that you start will offer a unique (and fun) experience. The games popularity has led to Minecraft games flooding the market for this genre with plenty of merchandise and culture to match (even real Minecraft cakes).

In Minecraft you can construct anything you can imagine with the various block types available. Alternatively you can go on a Minecraft adventure, where you start out with no items and will have to defend yourself against the creatures of the night. Minecraft helps guide players through the sandbox experience with a number of Minecraft achievements that cover the basic game elements and more advanced features.

The hunt for the perfect Minecraft starting area and game world has given rise to many websites for Minecraft seeds where players can share their randomly generated worlds. Using these seed codes players can start in their favourite biome, next to impressive geographical features or spawn right on top of an abandoned mineshaft with loot just waiting for players to find.

Minecraft has quickly grown into one of the most popular games available and received countless positive reviews from fans and critics alike. These days there are countless Minecraft servers online (just take a look at the list of Minecraft servers on MinePick) which all offer a different experience. The growth of Minecraft has definitely exceeded any expectations.

In addition to countless Minecraft servers there is huge support for Minecraft videos, custom mods, user created maps, and skins to customise your experience. Minecraft Inventions has a great database of these available.

After you get your free Minecraft copy from PrizeRebel you will be able to enjoy everything that Minecraft has to offer.