Free Terraria – How To Play Terraria For Free

Want to play Terraria for free? Get your own free Terraria game by using the easy and simple method available on this page.

Now you don’t need to buy yourself a copy of Terraria to experience the popular game. Simply sign up for PrizeRebel and you can play Terraria for free with your own free copy of Terraria (either on Steam or the collector’s edition).

If you’ve wanted your own free Terraria copy (or a free version of a game like Terraria) after seeing the game on YouTube but were unable to purchase the game for yourself there is now a quick way to get it free.

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How Do I Play Terraria For Free?

By signing up for PrizeRebel and completing offers you can get Terraria for free (either gifted to your Steam account or a physically shipped copy of the collector’s edition). PrizeRebel has given away countless prizes since it started back in 2007 and allows you to get any Steam game for free (along with many other products).

PrizeRebel offers these prizes in return for points which are earned by completing simple surveys, signing up for websites, watching videos, participating in contests, playing games and performing simple tasks (such as searching Google).

Sign-up now through this page and we’ll give you 10 points for completing your profile survey to get you started on your free Terraria journey. Choose for yourself whether you want the game shipped to your home or gifted to you through Steam.

What Is Terraria?
Terraria is a popular action/adventure game that is often compared to the popular sandbox building game, Minecraft. Terraria is currently available on Steam, but there is also a collector’s edition of Terraria available.


Redeeming Your Free Terraria Game:

  • Register your account at and complete offers for points. Earn enough points (999) and you can redeem your own copy of Terraria.
  • When you have the required points either search the prize section of PrizeRebel forĀ a Steam wallet code which will allow you to purchase the game through the Steam platform.
  • Alternatively visit the custom prize page and fill in the form to have your free Terraria gifted to you through Steam (this is the method I used and you can see the proof below).


Free Terraria (Steam) Proof:
The image below shows a free Terraria gift from PrizeRebel.


Can I Get Other Steam Games For Free?
Yes! With PrizeRebel you can get any Steam game for free, which means after you’ve received your free copy of Terraria you can use PrizeRebel for another Steam game that you’ve got your eye on.