How To Get Free Etsy Gift Cards

Learn how to get free Etsy gift cards on this page, a great way to support crafts without having too spend your own money. Maybe you’re short on cash and looking to purchase the perfect gift for someone or just want to support the creative artists on Etsy.

Regardless of your reason for wanting an Etsy gift card you’ll find the method on this page easy to use and perfect for your circumstances. Register now for PrizeRebel and claim your first of many $25 Etsy gift cards.


What Can I Use My Free Etsy Gift Card For?

Your Etsy Gift Card is equivalent to cash on and once activated can be stored as cash within your account. In order to spend your gift card at a particular store that individual store owner must have elected to accept direct deposit as a payment method (nearly all stores on the Etsy platform).

Unsure if a certain Etsy store accepts gift cards as currency? Look for the icon pictured below:


How To Get Your Free Etsy Gift Card:

  • Register for a membership account.
  • Complete a quick site survey to learn how to use the PrizeRebel interface. Visit the “offer” section of the website where you can complete polls, surveys and simple tasks in order to earn points.
  • Redeem your points for a free Etsy gift card on the PrizeRebel site.
  • Take the code provided by and enter it into the redemption section of Etsy, the funds will be added to your account.

How To Get Free Smite Gems

Hooked on the popular MOBA Smite but want to get more from the game? Follow the instructions below to start earning free Smite Gems for new god unlocks or cosmetic items to separate yourself from other players.

This method also allows you to purchase Smite packs and works for all Smite game versions (PC and console), it works in a similar manner to Smite offers by using to earn Rixty game cards, a supported payment method of Smite.


What Is Smite & Smite Gems?

Smite is one of the top MOBA games, with a following well into the millions. Available for PC and consoles players command their own god as they battle others in fast paced third person action.

As a freemium title Smite relies on premium purchases from players to fund its game development. Smite Gems and Smite Packs are one element of this monetisation and accordingly give players some additional benefits.

Smite gems are available in a variety of amounts for real money but can also be obtained from log in bonuses, quests, special events and by completing offers. Gems are used to purchase new gods for you to play and skins to alter the appearance of the gods you own.

How To Get Your Free Smite Gems:

  • Create a PrizeRebel Account (takes only a few seconds).
  • Take the site tour to earn some easy points and then visit the offer section.
  • This offer section is similar to the in built system of free Smite gems where you’ll complete surveys, watch videos, do simple tasks and much more. The benefit of using PrizeRebel though is the greater number of offers and higher payouts for your time.
  • Once you’ve earned enough points for a Rixty game card you can redeem a code which is provided within your PrizeRebel account. Copying this code and then entering it into the Smite store will allow you to get your free Smite Gems.
  • Redeeming your code is easy, visit the Smite store page for your game version and select the amount of gems or other Smite pack you want:


  • Click on the checkout button and expand the payment method selection to include all payments. Choose the Rixty game card option:


  • Press the continue button (as shown below), this will take you to the Rixty payment portal where you can enter in your game card from PrizeRebel.



How To Get Free Trove Credits

Wish that you had something for Trove that is locked behind Credits? Get some free Trove Credits now and deck out your account with special items, benefits and more.

Using this simple method detailed below you’ll be able to earn free Rixty game card codes or Karma Koin codes. Both of which can be redeemed on the Trove website for a bunch of credits. Want to start now rather than reading on? Register for PrizeRebel now and start earning your free Trove Credits.

What Is Trove and Trove Credits?

Trove is a popular sandbox title that focuses on players engaging in combat with various pixel enemies while also making friends with other players and carving out your own piece of the game world.

Trove Credits are just one of the ways to support the development of Trove and in turn provide players that purchase them with premium content access. This includes things like special mounts, slots, classes and countless other items. By purchasing credits players can also avoid grinding out currency.


How To Get Your Free Trove Credits:

  • Register for an account on PrizeRebel.
  • Complete the site tour to learn about PrizeRebel (and get some free points).
  • Visit the offer section of the website. In this area you can watch videos, complete tasks, fill in surveys, try new games and more.
  • With everyone of the above simple actions you complete you’ll generate points on the PrizeRebel website which can be redeemed for free game codes to some of the popular online games.
  • This selection of prizes includes Rixty game cards and Karma Koins, both of which are supported by Trove as payment methods for Trove Credits.
  • Redeem one of the above mentioned game cards and login to your Trove account, navigate to the buy credits page as shown below:


  • Select the Credit Card and Other payment option, select the appropriate number of free Trove Credits (based on the game card value you redeemed from PrizeRebel) and click continue to payment:


  • Select Rixty or Karma Koin (based on the card redeemed) and follow the remaining prompts by entering in the code provided from the PrizeRebel website.

How To Get Free Howrse Passes

Are you a horse loving Howrse player? Would you like some free Howrse Passes or free Pegasus Account? Now you can easily get all the benefits that these offer include the ability to purchase special premium items.

This method is easy to use and available to everyone regardless of country and age. It works by giving you free Rixty codes which can be redeemed for Howrse passes (see further down the page for instructions). To start now, simply create a PrizeRebel account.


What Is Howrse and Howrse Passes?

Howrse is a long running and popular browser based game where players breed horses and enter them into various competitions. With a large community and constant updates the game has been a popular past time for horse lovers.

Howrse Passes are the premium currency of Howrse and in turn give players access to areas of the game that cannot be accessed without them. While Howrse is quite fair in providing passes through various gameplay mechanics those wanting to experience the best of what the game has to offer will need to purchase them. Passes can be purchased through PayPal funds, credit cards, Rixty and PaySafe Cards

How To Get Your Free Howrse Passes:

  • Register for a PrizeRebel account.
  • PrizeRebel is similar to the “Fyber Offers” that Howrse offers except that they pay out higher amounts and have a much higher number of offers available.
  • For those unfamiliar with Fyber Offers they involve trying out another web based game, answering poll questions, watching a short video and similar basic tasks.
  • For completing the above actions you’ll be rewarded with PrizeRebel points which can be redeemed for Rixty game cards. Once you have the appropriate number of points you can redeem a free code.
  • To redeem your code visit the Howrse Pass page within the Howrse website and select the amount of passes you want:


  • Select Rixty as your payment option, as shown below:


  • You’ll be redirected to the Rixty website where you can enter in your code from the PrizeRebel website and enjoy your free Howrse Passes.

How To Get Free Clash of Clans Gems

Claim your free Clash of Clans Gems from PrizeRebel now to dominate the competition. Are you an active player of Supercell’s popular title, Clash of Clans? Or maybe you prefer their more recent Clash Royale?

Regardless of the game you’re currently playing this simple method will allow you to earn free Gems via free iTunes Cards and free Google Play Codes, which method is right for you will depend on the platform you find yourself playing this hit strategy title on.


What Are Clash of Clans Gems?

Gems are the premium currency of Clash of Clans and Supercell’s other popular title Clash of Royale. These gems can give players a significant edge against the competition and cost real money to purchase. As Clash of Clans is played through the respective iTunes and Android stores they can be purchased with funds in these accounts.

Players are also given a small number of gems for particular actions such as achievements or removing obstacles but to ensure a steady flow of gems players must use real money funds.

In Clash of Clans gems limit the purchase of a number of items, the purchasing of resources and speed up the production of troops.


How To Get Your Free Clash of Clans Gems:

  • Create A PrizeRebel Account.
  • Complete the PrizeRebel site tour for an instant 28 points bonus in your account. Grow your points balance by entering contests, completing various surveys, trying new games, watching videos and other simple tasks.
  • Take your PrizeRebel points balance and claim either a iTunes gift card or Google Play code, this can then be added to your respective account.
  • Use your new mobile account balance to purchase gems from within the Clash of Clans game app.

How To Get Free Daybreak Cash

Hooked on Daybreak Games? Claim some free Daybreak Cash in order to get premium in game items for your favourite titles. This works for all Daybreak titles including EverQuest, H1Z1, PlanetSide 2 and DC Universe Online. So what are you waiting for? Register now to start earning.

With your premium in game items you’ll be able to experience a new level of enjoyment in your favourite title and regularly fund your account with Daybreak cash using this method. The method described below allows you to earn your own free PayPal funds and does not require a credit card or bank account.


Who Are Daybreak Games & What Is Daybreak Cash?


Daybreak Games is a video game developer most notably known for EverQuest and the popular zombie shooter H1Z1. Originally known as SOE (Sony Entertainment Online) is was sold off to private equity and formed Daybreak Games.

The premium currency of all Daybreak titles is Daybreak cash which can be spent on special items within the respective game. As these funds are tied to your Daybreak account and not the individual game players can fund their account and spend it on multiple titles.

Players can top up their account through a number of payment methods including game cards, credit card and PayPal account funds.


How To Get Your Free Daybreak Cash:

  • Create your own free PrizeRebel account.
  • Download apps for your mobile phone, take consumer surveys, watch YouTube videos and browse the web in order to earn points in your PrizeRebel account.
  • Earn enough points to redeem PayPal funds (PrizeRebel offers various amounts ranging from $5 to $500) and send them to your PayPal account.
  • Create a free PayPal account in order to receive your PayPal funds. Note that you do not need a credit card or bank account for this step. PayPal accounts created without these are limited to spending $500 (plenty of free Daybreak Cash!)
  • Login to your Daybreak Games account and top up your account with your recently received PayPal funds from PrizeRebel.
  • Repeat the process above as often as needed to fund premium items in your favourite Daybreak game.

How To Get Free Rixty Codes

Now that Ultimate Game Cards (UGC) have been retired Rixty has stepped up to fill the void. Claim your free Rixty Codes (or free MolPoints) which can be used on hundreds of game titles to get premium game currency.

Regardless of which game you’re looking to redeem a free Rixty game code for this method will work, allowing you to claim an unlimited number of $10 Rixty codes. Stop playing your favourite online game without premium currency by registering for a PrizeRebel account now.


What Is Rixty and MolPoints?

Does your favourite game accept Rixty or MolPoints? Both of these currencies are available from the Rixty game card. Similar to other gift cards Rixty is available for purchase online and in physical form from a number of retailers.

What makes Rixty special though is that unlike other single game gift cards Rixty can be used in literally hundreds. In particular are the small to medium titles that don’t have the resources to have their own gift cards in stores and thus use the Rixty infrastructure to give gift card options to their player base.

Popular Rixty games include Aeria Games, Crossfire, Rift, Runescape, Archeage and many other popular online video games.


How To Get Your Free Rixty Game Code:

  • Register for a PrizeRebel account, registration is easy and simple.
  • Browser to the offer section on PrizeRebel where you can earn points for things that you already do online. This includes watching videos, providing website feedback, browsing the web or trying a new app for your mobile phone.
  • Each of these actions will return points which can then be traded in for a variety of game codes for your favourite games. One such prize offered is the $10 Rixty Game Card which is provided instantly to Silver level accounts.
  • Earn enough points and redeem a Rixty game code. Take the code to the redemption page on the Rixty site and follow the prompts.
  • With your Rixty account filled with funds, visit your favourite game and spend your Rixty balance on some premium currency.

How To Get A Free Minecraft Realms Server

With the recent release of Minecraft’s own server system wouldn’t you love to get your own free Minecraft Realms server? This method is easy enough for everyone to use and can be repeated regularly to ensure once you’ve setup your Minecraft Realm you can continue to meet the payments.

Read below for more information on earning your free Minecraft Realms server. Alternatively register now to get started straight away.


What Is Minecraft Realms?

Minecraft Realms is a new subscription based service from Mojang which allows you to easily have your own Minecraft server that is online every single hour of each day. Because the owner of the Realm has to approve all players wanting to join it is easy to manage your server and ensure only your close friends can play on the game world.

For a monthly subscription fee (with discounts for longer purchase periods) Minecraft Realms has flourished by offering a competitive server solution for Minecraft players.

How To Get Your Free Minecraft Realms:

  • Register for your own PrizeRebel account.
  • Complete surveys, sign up for new games, watch videos, complete simple tasks, enter contests, search the web and much more.
  • For completing the above tasks you’ll be awarded PrizeRebel points which can be redeemed in the store for a number of game related prizes.
  • Earn enough points to claim a free Minecraft Realms 30 Day Subscription.
  • Redeem your gift card code in your Mojang account to activate your free server for 30 days (see instructions here on the official website).
  • Repeat the process every 30 days to have a free server for as long as you want.

How To Get Free Yugioh Cards

Want to grow your Yugioh card collection? Learn how you can claim some free Yugioh cards to add to your deck. This method is a quick and easy way to get Yogioh Cards.

Get as many free Yugioh cards as you want by signing up for PrizeRebel. All your ordered Yugioh cards will ship to your address where you can add them to your collection or put them to battle against other Yugioh players.


How To Get Your Free Yugioh Cards:

If you want some free Yugioh cards then simply register for PrizeRebel. PrizeRebel is one of the biggest reward websites that allows you to get anything for free from Amazon products to game gift cards.

So how do you get your free Yugioh Cards? After registering for PrizeRebel simply earn points by participating in tasks. These tasks include signing up for websites, watching videos, playing games and other simple activities.

Complete enough of these activities and you’ll be able to redeem your points for any Yugioh cards that you want. It is recommend that you order this Yugioh cards from but you are allowed to custom order from any online merchant.

So what are you waiting for? If you want some Yugioh Cards for free then PrizeRebel is the number one option.

Redeeming Your Free Yugioh Cards:

  • Register for
  • Complete offers on the PrizeRebel website for points.
  • Redeem your points for Yugioh cards! Either search the prize section or submit a custom order for a particular website.


Examples Of Free Yugioh Cards You Can Claim On PrizeRebel:



How To Get Free WoW Game Time Codes

Learn how to get free WoW game time codes now by following these simple steps. Stop paying for your World of Warcraft subscription now.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could play the largest MMORPG without having to pay the monthly subscription free? Paying monthly for your World of Warcraft account can quickly add up and not everyone has the spare money to spend on games.

Now it is easy to play World of Warcraft for free with your own free WoW game time codes and it only takes a few easy steps. Join the millions of other members using PrizeRebel for free game codes.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on one of the hundred WoW Game Codes that PrizeRebel gives out on a daily basis to its user base.


How To Get Your Free Wow Game Time Codes:
Prizerebel is the best site available if you are interested in earning free WoW game time codes. PrizeRebel offer prepaid VISA game cards and PayPal funds which are easy to earn on a regular basis, allowing you to play World of Warcraft for free for as long as you want.

I have played World of Warcraft for 6 years now and 4 years of that time has been completely free thanks to the PrizeRebel website. Just like me you can stop paying for your World of Warcraft monthly subscription and instead earn them for free with PrizeRebel. The method is easy and completely safe with no risk to your account.

To get your free WoW game codes on PrizeRebel you need to earn the required number of points. These points are earned by completing surveys, signing up for websites, playing games and even watching videos (all very easy to complete). In no time at all you’ll have your own VISA prepaid card which can be subsequently used to purchase game time.

There are also monthly contests to earn even more points, including a monthly jackpot. The PrizeRebel forums are also very active providing plenty of support to new users. Sign-up for PrizeRebel now through this page to start earning your free World of Warcraft game time codes.


How To Redeem Your Free WoW Game Time:

  • Register for a PrizeRebel account and complete offers on their website for points.
  • Once you have enough points for the appropriate VISA prepaid card, claim your prize from the prize section.
  • Copy the code from PrizeRebel and login to your account and access the account management page. Purchase game time as you have in the past but this time use your free VISA gift card.


What Is World of Warcraft?
World of Warcraft, also known as WoW is a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Blizzard which has been online since 2004. WoW was one of the fastest growing MMORPGs and has managed to hold a stable subscriber count despite many WoW competitors coming into the saturated MMORPG market.

World of Warcraft has received many positive reviews from critics and World of Warcraft currently holds a high score of 93/100 (Metacritic). WoW prides itself on its countless customisation options, hundreds of hours worth of content and the massive amount of voice acting on offer.