How To Get A Free ToonTown Membership

Are you a regular player of Disney’s ToonTown Online? How would you like to get yourself a free ToonTown membership? Using the simple method available on this page you will be able to quickly and easily get a free ToonTown membership for Disney’s fun and exciting online world.

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How To Get Your Free ToonTown Membership:

PrizeRebel offers users free ToonTown gift codes which can be redeemed for a free ToonTown membership (1 month). Users get their free ToonTown membership by completing surveys, watching videos, downloading games, completing simple tasks and signing up for websites.

New offers are constantly being added along with raffles and contests to make it even easier to earn a free ToonTown membership. With just some of your spare time you’ll be able to easily unlock your membership and finally access everything in the game world that you have ever wanted.

Register for PrizeRebel now and you’ll get 10 points for finishing your profile to get you started on your free ToonTown Online membership. I have been claiming my ToonTown membership for free from PrizeRebel since I started playing ToonTown Online years ago.

How To Redeem Your Free ToonTown Membership Codes:

  • Register for your free PrizeRebel account.
  • Complete offers from the PrizeRebel website and earn points towards your membership.
  • Once you’ve got enough points redeem your own ToonTown Online code:toontown-online-membership
  • Copy the code from your PrizeRebel account and visit the membership redeem page on ToonTown Online as shown below.

Benefits Of A ToonTown Membership:

  • Access more of everything with a membership.
  • Go anywhere in any neighbourhood. No place is restricted!
  • Get access to new furniture for your home and new clothes for your Toon.
  • Battle the biggest and baddest Cogs of the ToonTown universe.
  • Get access to exclusive ToonTown events and contests.
  • Create more Toons (6 per account instead of 1). Also unlock more Toon species.
  • Unlock more gags to use against the evil Cogs!
  • Get unlimited access to all mini games (mini golf, fishing and racing karts).


A ToonTown membership comes with so many benefits that it is hard to consider playing ToonTown Online without one. So what are you waiting for? Register for PrizeRebel now and start working towards your free ToonTown Membership.

What Is ToonTown Online?
ToonTown Online is an exciting online gaming experience for teens and tweens alike. Use many of the Disney related Toons available to beat the evil Cogs by making them laugh using the best weapons available: fun and pranks.

ToonTown Online is an MMORPG released by Disney that was designed to be children friendly. ToonTown Online is a 3D virtual world where players interact through ‘Toons’ which are based on characters within the Disney universe.

While Toontown is free to download and play there are certain restrictions imposed on free members unless they get a ToonTown membership which is common in games like ToonTown Online to require of it’s users.