Free Steam Wallet Codes – How To Get Free Steam Funds

Tired of not having funds in your Steam account? Learn how you can get free Steam Wallet Codes and get any Steam game for free now.

Finally you can have all the games that you’ve ever wanted to own on the Steam platform. In no time at all you’ll be able to build up the ultimate collection of Steam games and take advantage of the regular (and amazing) Steam sales.

Thanks to PrizeRebel I’ve been able to grow my Steam account to include over $500 worth of Steam games and i’ve never had to pay a single cent for this game collection. If you want your account to be as impressive as mine then register for PrizeRebel below to start earning your free Steam Wallet code now.


How To Get Free Steam Wallet Codes:
Sign-up for PrizeRebel now and you can get free Steam funds by completing simple offers. These offers include things like surveys, searching the web, visiting sponsored websites and even playing games.

In return for completing these online activities you’ll earn points to spend in the PrizeRebel store which has tonnes of great game related game cards. This includes the $20 Steam Wallet card which you can use to load up your Steam Wallet with funds for free.

Using PrizeRebel is extremely easy and once you get the hang of using their website you’ll be able to earn regular Steam Wallet codes to redeem for your favourite games.

With just a small amount of your free time you will have enough PrizeRebel points to redeem your own free Steam Wallet Code. Once you’ve added your Steam Wallet code from PrizeRebel to your Steam account you can use it for any game on Steam including pre-orders and early access. You can even use your Steam Wallet funds to purchase in-game items that are linked to the Steam store such as Team Fortress 2 items.

PrizeRebel currently offers the $20 Steam Wallet card but users can also custom order any Steam game for free (it will be gifted to your account) if you nly wish to get a single game on the Steam platform.


What Are Steam Wallet Codes?
Steam Wallet Codes work just like anyother game card or gift certificate. They are redeemed directly through the Steam website or client and once activated are added to your Steam funds, making it available for any Steam game purchase or in-game purchases.

Once in your Steam Wallet these funds can be used for any game purchase and can be combined with other popular payment methods (PayPal or credit card) if the balance of your Steam wallet does not completely cover the price of your selected game.

This means that yourfree Steam Wallet Codes from PrizeRebel to be used to purchase multiple games with ease. With the low prices on Steam games you could easily get 3 or 4 free Steam games from a single $20 Steam Gift Card.


How To Redeem Your Steam Wallet Codes:

  • Copy the code provided by PrizeRebel and login to your Steam account. Once you are logged in click the ‘Games’ tab and select ‘Redeem A Steam Wallet Code’:
  • Finally simply enter in the Steam Wallet Code that PrizeRebel provided you for free and you’ll be instantly credited $20 to your Steam Funds.

What Is Steam?
Steam is a popular digital distribution service for computer (PC) games. Steam offers an easy way for developers to reach users while also providing a great management system for gamers. Steam allows users to store purchased games within their game library and install (or uninstall) them as many times as they wish without the need to use installation discs.

In 2012 Steam regularly recorded concurrent users of over 5million with user accounts totalling over 50million. The massive user base of the Steam client has made it very attractive for game developers especially indie developers.