How To Get A Free Netflix Account – Free Netflix Subscription Codes

Looking to get a free Netflix account? Use this simple method and you will be able to get yourself some free Netflix subscription codes which will give you access to all your favourite movies or television (TV) shows for free.

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How Do I Get My Free Netflix Account?
Getting a free Netflix account has never been easier, simply register for PrizeRebel and use their website to earn your own Netflix gift cards. PrizeRebel provides thousands of rewards on a daily basis one of which is the popular Netflix 1 month subscription code.

PrizeRebel allows users to earn their own free Netflix subscriptions (1 month) in return for filling out surveys, signing up for websites, answering simple questions, trying products, playing games and watching videos.

With just a little bit of free time you’ll have your own free Netflix account which grants you access to a massive library of movies and TV shows.

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Claiming Your Free Netflix Account Codes:

  • Sign-up for PrizeRebel.
  • Complete simple offers, surveys and tasks for points.
  • Trade your points for some free PayPal cash (sent straight to your account)
  • Login (or sign-up) to your Netflix account and complete the payment using your PayPal funds
  • Enjoy your free Netflix account!


What Is Netflix?
Netflix is a popular movie and TV show distributor that offers a convenient and simple way to watch your favourite movies. Netflix has been around since 1997 originally focusing on the shipment of DVDs. Since 1999 Netflix has relied on a subscription based business model, eventually shifting its focus into internet movie streaming.

By purchasing a subscription for your Netflix account you will gain access to a massive movie collection which you can watch anytime and anywhere.

This convenience of Netflix has made it a popular entertainment platform and with your free Netflix account you will be able to experience all the premium features