How To Get A Free Dragon Amulet For DragonFable

Do you want to access more content in DragonFable? Get your free Dragon Amulet now and unlock new game areas and game customisation options.

I always wanted a Dragon Amulet but refused to pay the high price because I simply couldn’t afford it despite how much I loved the game, after playing many games like DragonFable I started looking for ways to get a free Dragon Amulet and stumbled upon PrizeRebel. Thanks to their website I was able to upgrade my account with a Dragon Amulet very quickly and now I’m sharing the method with other poor DragonFable players!

How To Get Your Free Dragon Amulet:

To get your free Dragon Amulet for your DragonFable account simply register for PrizeRebel and complete offers on their website for a free Ultimate Game Card. You can then use this Ultimate Game Card on the DragonFable website for a Dragon Amulet.

Once you’ve earned a free Ultimate Game Card code from PrizeRebel you can redeem it for a free Dragon Amulet upgrade.  Thanks to PrizeRebel you can finally get access to the premium content that a Dragon Amulet offers without having to pay for it but while still supporting the great team behind the popular game.

To earn your free card just complete the available offers on the PrizeRebel website which include surveys, watching videos, visiting sponsored advertisements and even playing games. With only a small amount of time you’ll be able to finally call yourself a Dragon Amulet owner!


Redeem Your Free Dragon Amulet With An Ultimate Game Card:

  • Signup for PrizeRebel and start accumulating points in your account for the Ultimate Game Card from the prize section.
  • Once you’ve got your hands on enough points simply redeem $20 worth of Ultimate Game Cards (you can claim multiple cards that equal the $20 value if you wish).
  • Login to your DragonFable account and access the buy Dragon Amulet page. Select the ‘Artix Points’ payment option and follow the prompts to choose Ultimate Game Card as your payment option.

What Is The Dragon Amulet? What Are The Benefits?
Once you’ve got your free Dragon Amulet from PrizeRebel you get access to plenty of game content and extras:

  • Get a DragonCoin bonus upon activating your Dragon Amulet.
  • Access special Dragon Amulet (DA) only areas.
  • Use stronger weapons and equipment.
  • Get early access to new features, classes and content.
  • Customise your Dragon and buy stronger Dragon food.
  • Grow your Dragon to the highest levels and talk to Dragons in game.
  • Change the colour of your armor.