Free RP Codes – Claim Your Free Riot Points For League of Legends

Searching for a way to get free RP codes for League of Legends? Stop searching now! With this method you can earn your own free Riot Points to spend on champions, skins, bundles and boosts.

I’ve been using this method to get free RP into my League of Legends account for over a year now. I’ve used it to unlock 10 rune pages (very helpful for when I play ranked games) and grab champions that I’ve always wanted to own but couldn’t afford to spend 6300 Influence Points to buy them all.


How Do I Get My Free RP Codes For Free Riot Points?

To earn your own free Riot Point codes to spend in League of Legends simply start using By participating in surveys, playing games, signing up for websites, trying out products and even watching videos you’ll earn points which can be redeemed in the PrizeRebel prize section for a number of game cards and codes (including League of Legends RP codes).

PrizeRebel offers both $10 and $25 Riot Point cards so there is an option available for everyone. Register now from us and you’ll get 10 points once you complete your profile to get you started.

PrizeRebel is not only the best site for free Riot Points but also a great website for other gamer orientated rewards from WoW subscriptions to Station Cash and even Skype Credit.


What Is League of Legends (LoL)? What Are Riot Points (RP)?

League of Legends is currently the biggest multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game around and has a playerbase of millions of gamers.

In the game players can access over 100 champions each with their own unique skillset. Players can further customise their League of Legends experience with runes and masteries to cater towards their prefered playstyle.

From here players can play in 5v5 matches on Summoner’s Rift or The Crystal Scar (Dominion). League of Legends also offers a 3v3 game mode on Twisted Treeline.

Riot Points are the premium currency available in League of Legends and have a similar uses to the Influence Points that players earn after every battle. RP is used to purchase champions, skins, bundles or XP/IP boosts. However, Riot Points cannot be used to purchase runes.


Redeeming Your Free RP Codes:

  • Create your PrizeRebel account and start earning points for a $10 League of Legends game card or the $25 card.
  • Once you’ve got the required points just head over to the PrizeRebel prize section and claim your game card. You’ll instantly receive your code for free Riot Points.
  • Take the code from PrizeRebel and login to your League of Legends account.
  • Access the Riot Store (big orange button) and click Purchase RP as shown:
  • Choose the prepaid game card option and simply enter the code from PrizeRebel, it is that easy! Now you can spend your Riot Points on anything that you want.