How To Get Free Skype Credit

Claim your free Skype Credit now we have thousands of Skype vouchers available. Use your Skype Credit now to access the premium Skype features.

Skype Credit allows you to access the very best features that Skype has to offer including mobile/landline phone calls, text message capability, Wi-Fi hotspot access and call forwarding.

Before discovering PrizeRebel I had high monthly Skype Credit costs due to both my personal and business lifestyle requiring the premium features that Skype offered. Thankfully I was able to nearly eliminate these expenses thanks to the free Skype Credit I redeemed from the PrizeRebel website.


How To Get Your Free Skype Credit:
Register for PrizeRebel now to get your free Skype Credit codes for completing surveys, watching videos, registering on websites, liking Facebook pages, spell checking, searching the web and other simple tasks.

As you complete these advertiser supported offers on PrizeRebel, PrizeRebel earns money and in turn rewards you with points which you can use for $10 of free Skype Credit (or you can cashout your earnings to PayPal and buy the Skype Credit yourself). PrizeRebel has been online since 2007 and offers a large range of gift cards in its prize section for its users to redeem.

Earning a $10 Skype card with PrizeRebel is extremely simple and is easy enough that you’ll have your Skype account loaded with credits in no time at all. From here you can use your free Skype Credit on whichever premium features that you need access to.

I’ve been a member of PrizeRebel since 2008 and have never looked back, thanks to their website I’ve been able to save money on Skype, iTunes, Facebook and many games thanks to the free gift cards available on their website. So join me and millions of other PrizeRebel users now by creating your own PrizeRebel account.

Redeeming Your Free Skype Credit:
  • Register for PrizeRebel (sign-up through this page and get 10 points for completing your profile to get you started).
  • Complete easy surveys and other simple offers for points.
  • Get enough points for a $10 Skype Credit code in the PrizeRebel prize section and claim your free Skype Credit
  • Login to your Skype account and visit the Skype voucher redeem page.
  • Enter in the code provided by PrizeRebel and your Skype Credit will be instantly added to your account. If you have trouble redeeming see the Skype redeem FAQ.


What Is Skype Credit?
Skype Credit allows you to access the premium features of the Skype platform (as shown above). You can also use your Skype Credit to purchase a subscription for the Skype service. Buying Skype Credit is easy, you can use your Credit Card, PayPal or prepaid Skype vouchers/cards. Learn more about Skype Credit.


What Is Skype?
Skype has been live since 2003 but has recently exploded in popularity and now has over 700 million registered Skype users. Skipe is prodominiately used as a peer to peer and instant messaging service. Skype also offers webcam video messaging and phone calls through the traditional phone networks.

Skype to Skype phone calls are free of charge but users are charged for calls to landline and mobile phones. These charges and other premium features are covered by the Skype Credit system.