How To Get Free Station Cash (SC) For Any Game

Would you like free Station Cash (SC) for your favourite game? Get your free Station Cash codes now for Planetside 2 and more. With your free Station Cash you will be able to get premium game features in any Station Cash game.

Once you have loaded up your Station Cash wallet using this free Station Cash codes method you can use your Station Cash for any game that uses the currency.

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How Do I Get Free Station Cash?
PrizeRebel is your number one destination for free Station Cash. PrizeRebel has been rewarding gamers with game cards since 2007 and continues to be the number one destination for gamer rewards.

On PrizeRebel you will earn points for completing surveys, offers and tasks (such as performing Google searches, answersing questions, playing games and even watching sponsored videos).

PrizeRebel offers users the ability to claim PayPal funds ($5, $10 and $20) which allows you to load your Station Cash wallet for use in any game that uses the Station Cash currency (see the full list at the bottom of this page).

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How To Redeem Your Free Station Cash:

  • Signup for PrizeRebel and start completing offers for points.
  • Once you have enough points you can redeem a SOE Game Card:
  • Click ‘View Prize’ and copy the code provided by PrizeRebel.
  • Login to your Sony Online Entertainment account and visit the ‘Station Cash Balance’ page.
  • Next click on the ‘Add Funds’ button as shown below:
  • Enter your code from PrizeRebel in the game card section and click ‘Go!’ your free Station Cash will be instantly added into your account.


What Is Station Cash?
Station Cash is a virtual currency backed by Sony Online Entertainment that can be used to purchase a variety of in-game premium items across a number of games including EverQuest and Free Realms.

Station Cash can be purchased through PayPal, mobile, credit card or prepaid game cards (such as the SOE All-In One Game Card).

Use Your Free Station Cash Code In All Your Favourite Games:

  • EverQuest
  • Free Realms
  • DC Universe Online
  • Magic The Gathering (Tactics)
  • Poxnora
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures
  • Wizardry Online
  • Bullet Run
  • PlanetSide 2
  • See the full list