How To Get Free Habbo Credits or Free Habbo Club Membership

Do you play Habbo Hotel? Are you interested in getting free Habbo Credits or a free Habbo Club membership? There is an easy way for you to get your hands on some free Habbo Credits to spend in Habbo Hotel.

If you are sick and tired of the limit content you are able to access as a free members in the Habbo universe then read on and start claiming your free Habbo goodies.


How Do I Get My Free Habbo Credits and Free Habbo Club?

To claim your free Habbo Credits simply register for PrizeRebel using a link on this page (you’ll get 10 bonus points for completing your profile!) PrizeRebel offers a massive collection of free game cards including prepaid VISA cards which can be redeemed for Habbo Credits.

To earn your free Habbo Coins or free Habbo Club simple complete daily surveys, compete in contests and complete a number of offers and simple tasks (spell checking, reviewing websites, playing games and even watching videos). For every activity that you can complete you will receive PrizeRebel Points which can be traded in for a free VISA Card ($5, $10 or $25) which can be redeemed on the Habbo website for free Habbo Credits or a free Habbo Club membership.

PrizeRebel offers an active forum community and helpful support staff to help you earn your free Habbo Credits from the website. PrizeRebel is very similar to the ‘Earn Habbo Credits’ option on Habbo Hotel except that since PrizeRebel is a dedicated reward based website they can offer you higher paying and more regular offers which ultimately means more free Habbo Credits for you to spend!


How To Redeem Your Free Habbo Credits Or Free Habbo Club:

  • Create your PrizeRebel account and earn points by completing some offers.
  • Once you have enough points for your prepaid VISA head over to the prize section and claim your instant card code. Alternatively you can request a PayPal cashout.
  • Copy the code from your PrizeRebel account and login to your Habbo account to access the Habbo Credits page. Insert your code in the Habbo Prepaid Card section to redeem your free Habbo Credits:
  • You can now spend your Habbo Credits in Habbo Hotel or use them for a free Habbo Club account upgrade.


What Are Habbo Credits?
Habbo Credits open up endless possibilities on Habbo Hotel, with your free Habbo Credits you will be able to access furniture to decorate roomes, buy a Habbo Club membership, take part in the Habbo Exchange and unlock items for your Homes and Groups.

What Is The Habbo Club Membership?
With your free Habbo Club membership from PrizeRebel 
you will get many extras that aren’t available to standard Habbo users. The Habbo VIP Club membership offers access exclusive clothes and hair styles while also allowing you to play unlimited games on the Habbo website.

Habbo users in the Habbo Club also get a unique HC badge, extra room layouts and much more.


What Is Habbo Hotel?
Habbo Hotel (now known as simply Habbo) is a teenage social networking site, the site began in 1999 and has since grown rapidly to hundreds of millions of accounts. Habbo revolves around a hotel and other various rooms where players can meet, chat and play games with eachother. With many other games like Habbo now available Habbo has struggled to maintain it’s dominate market share but is still one of the best social websites around.

While Habbo is free to play users can purchase premium items and features with Habbo Credits or increase their access to this virtual world with a Habbo Club membership.