Get Free Astros For OGPlanet Games

Do you play one of the many great OGPlanet games? Want free Astros? With your free Astros you will be able to access premium game features and items for your favourite OGPlanet game.

By using the simple method on this page you can earn yourself a free Rixty Game Codes which you can redeem for free Astros, enough to be the envy of all your friends. I’ve been claiming free Astros for Rumble Fighter and Lost Saga for as long as I can remember thanks to


How To Get Your Free Astros:
To get your free Astros simply sign-up for PrizeRebel. The PrizeRebel website is similar to the ‘Free Astros’ options available through the OGPlanet website. However, because PrizeRebel has been a trusted website since 2007 they have access to a larger number of high paying offers so you can earn your Astros faster.

PrizeRebel rewards you with points for signing up for websites, filling out surveys, playing popular games, completing basic tasks and competing in contests. Just spend a small amount of time on their website and you’ll have your free Astros in your account in no time.

To get your free Astros from PrizeRebel simply earn the required number of points (by completing offers) and you will be able to redeem a free $10 Ultimate Game Card which you can redeem for some free astros.

If you have any problems simply stop by the active and helpful PrizeRebel forum community. Register for PrizeRebel now and start earning your free Astros today.


How To Redeem Your Free Astros For PrizeRebel:

  • Register for a PrizeRebel account and complete offers for points.
  • Earn enough points for a Rixty Game Card and claim it in the prize section.
  • Next login to your OGPlanet account and visit the ‘Get Astros’ page. Select the Rixty option and follow the prompts by pasting your code from PrizeRebel. For full instructions see the Rixty OGPlanet step by step guide.

What Is Astros?
Astros is the premium virtual game currency of all OGPlanet games. While the OGPlanet games are all 100% free to play there are many premium items and features that are only available to accounts with Astros. By signing up for PrizeRebel your free Astros will grant you access new costumes, accessories and even special game features for your favourite OGPlanet game.


What Is OGPlanet? What Games Do They Offer?
OGPlanet has many great free-to-play MMO style games available through their website. All of these games use the Astros game currency which allows users to buy unique and premium in-game items for the OGPlanet game universe.

The OGPlanet games list includes:

  • La Tale (A very popular anime style MMORPG)
  • Uncharted Waters Online (Explore a vast MMO world by sea).
  • Lost Saga (OGPlanet brings you another fighting game with a Sci-Fi theme).
  • Tales Runnner (Grow your tail with every step).
  • Metro Conflict (Engage in tactical warfare and combat).
And you can use your free Astros from PrizeRebel for all of them!