Claim Your Team Fortress 2 Free Items

Don’t you wish that you could claim some Team Fortress 2 free items? Well now you can with this simple and easy method.

Stop the grinding in TF2 and stop spending your own money on Team Fortress 2 items! You’ll be the envy of other Team Fortress 2 players with your massive collection of TF2 items to show off in game.


How Do I Get My Free Team Fortress 2 Items?

Register an account on the popular rewards website known as, here you will complete surveys, watch videos, register for websites and play games to earn points which you can redeem for a variety of game related prizes.

PrizeRebel allows you to redeem free Steam Wallet codes which you can use to purchase some Team Fortress 2 items. These Team Fortress 2 free items will be linked to your personal Steam account so you can use them as you please.

Start using the PrizeRebel website now and choose any of the Team Fortress 2 items from the Mann Co. online store or other premium items in the small number of games like TF2 that are out on the market.


Redeeming Your Free Team Fortress 2 Items:

  • Register your account on PrizeRebel.
  • Start completing offers on to earn points.
  • Earn enough points for your own Steam Wallet code and visit the prize section to claim your code, this will be redeemed for Team Fortress 2 free items:
  • After you claim your code from you’ll find it in your prize claim history as shown below:
  • Login to your Steam account through the client or through your web browser and visit the Redeem Wallet Code page. Add the Steam Wallet code to your account, you will now be able to use it for your Team Fortress 2 free items:
  • Visit the Mann Co. Online Store and add your desired products to your cart and select the checkout option:
  • Your purchase will be processed using your available Steam Funds (which you just got for free from PrizeRebel). Congratulations! You now have your own Team Fortress 2 free items to use in TF2.