How To Get A Free Fantage Membership

Are you obsessed with Fantage? How would you like to have a free Fantage membership to unlock additional features and benefits.

Getting your own membership is actually extremely easy. So join the millions of other users that are claiming free memberships everyday.

Claiming your own free Fantage membership couldn’t be easier, just sign-up for to get started.


How Do I Get My Free Fantage Membership?

To unlock your free Fantage Membership just register for PrizeRebel and complete offers that are available on their website. After you complete enough offers you’ll be able to redeem your own free Ultimate Game Card which can be used for a Fantage membership or a premium membership in one of the many games similar to Fantage.

The offers available on PrizeRebel include surveys, game downloads, videos and other simple activities. With just a small amount of your free time you’ll be able to unlock all the benefits that come with a Fantage membership.

PrizeRebel has been the number one rewards website for gamers since it went live in 2007 so you won’t be disappointed with the services they have to offer. The best part of PrizeRebel is that they offer a large range of game cards so you can use it for other premium memberships.


What Do I Get WIth A Free Fantage Membership?

A Fantage Membership comes with plenty of wonderful features and extras to enhance your Fantage experience. These benefits include:

  • Premium, rare and luxury items.
  • Level up faster with unique member only medals
  • Get 5000 stars every month!
  • Receive a free monthly member gift.
  • Acess all the pets, now you can collect them all.
  • And much more!

How To Claim Your Free Fantage Membership From PrizeRebel:

After you have claimed your free Ultimate Game Card from PrizeRebel by earning the required number of points simply login to your Fantage account and visit the member section. From here select your desired membership option:


Finally select Ultimate Game Card as your payment option: