How To Get Free Wii Points

Need some free Wii Points because you are addicted to your Nintendo Wii? Claim some free Nintendo Wii Points now to spend in the Wii Shop Channel. There is an option available if you are looking to get free Wii Points or free DSi Points to spend in the Nintendo Shop.

The Nintendo Wii is an extremely popular gaming console and continues to be very popular with people of all ages. Nintendo further expanded this service by offering the Wii Shop Channel which uses Nintendo Points. These Wii Points allow you to purchase games and extras for either the Nintendo Wii or the Nintendo DSi.

By using PrizeRebel you can get yourself some free Nintendo Wii Points and use them in the Wii Shop Channel to buy yourself new games, add-ons and many other cool extra features.

How Do I Get Free Wii Points?
Sign-up for PrizeRebel to start earning your free Wii Points. Signup now through this page to take advantage of 10 bonus points after you complete your profile. PrizeRebel is run by gamers for gamers so they provide excellent service and a large collection of game related prizes (including Nintendo Wii Points).

PrizeRebel has been online since 2007 and has given out large amounts of free Wii Points in that time. Join the PrizeRebel community and you’ll get to experience a great support staff and a friendly forum community that are happy to help you earn your own free Nintendo Wii Points.

Get your free Wii Points from PrizeRebel now by signing up for websites, completing surveys, playing games, visiting sponsored sites and competing in contests. Once you have completed enough tasks you will receive a code instantly which you can redeem for 2000 free Wii Points.

You can claim as many free Nintendo Point codes that you want from PrizeRebel and the sooner you register for PrizeRebel then sooner you can claim your first free Wii Points code.



How To Redeem Your Free Wii Points:

  • Create your PrizeRebel account.
  • Visit the ‘Get Points’ section of PrizeRebel and complete simple tasks and activities in return for points.
  • Once you have enough points for the Nintendo Wii Game Card request your prize (eventually you’ll unlock the ability to instantly claim free Wii Points).
  • Enter your free Wii code from PrizeRebel into the Wii Shop Channel.
  • Once you’ve redeem your Wii Points you can spend them on WiiWare or Virtual Console titles!

What Are Wii Points? What Is The Wii Shop Channel?
Nintendo Wii Points are the currency used to purchase products through the Wii Shop Channel and the Nintendo DSi Shop. These points can be bought via pre-paid cards or directly into the Wii Shop Channel via a credit card purchase. Once the points have been purchased they must be validated either for the Wii or the Nintendo DSi and cannot be applied to both.

The Nintendo Shop Channel for the Nintendo Wii was released on the same day as the Wii and is the online shopping feature integrated into the system. Through this shop console owners can purchase a virtual game console (to play old classic games from previous gaming consoles), extra Wii Channels and Wii Ware (games and bonus features).


Register for PrizeRebel now and start earning your free Wii Points. Decide that you don’t want Nintendo Wii Points? Check out some of the physical Wii products and accessories that users on PrizeRebel have claimed below:

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