How To Get Free Webkinz Codes

Learn how to get free Webkinz codes to unlock the world of Webkinz.. With these unused secret codes for Webkinz you will be able to adopt your own virtual pet in the popular online world of Webkinz.


How To Get Your Free Webkinz Codes:

If you want to get your own free and unused Webkinz codes then simply register for PrizeRebel. PrizeRebel allows users to get products for free including Webkinz codes by completing sponsored offers.

These sponsored offers include playing games, signing up for websites and watching videos. Complete enough of these offers and you’ll have enough points to redeem your own free Webkinz Codes.

If your parent’s won’t get a Webkinz for you or you simply want more Webkinz in your account then start using to get as many free Webkinz adoption codes as you want!


What Webkinz Codes Can I Get From PrizeRebel?

You can get any Webkinz code that you want from PrizeRebel there are no restrictions. Aslong as the Webkinz is currently available and has not been retired you can claim it for free.

You can see some examples of the free Webkinz that you can get below:


How To Redeem Your Free Webkinz Codes:

  • Register for the PrizeRebel website.
  • Visit the ‘Get Points’ section to start completing simple tasks for points.
  • Complete enough tasks and visit the ‘Prize Section’, perform a search for Webkinz and then choose your desired Webkinz code.