How To Get Free Trove Credits

Wish that you had something for Trove that is locked behind Credits? Get some free Trove Credits now and deck out your account with special items, benefits and more.

Using this simple method detailed below you’ll be able to earn free Rixty game card codes or Karma Koin codes. Both of which can be redeemed on the Trove website for a bunch of credits. Want to start now rather than reading on? Register for PrizeRebel now and start earning your free Trove Credits.

What Is Trove and Trove Credits?

Trove is a popular sandbox title that focuses on players engaging in combat with various pixel enemies while also making friends with other players and carving out your own piece of the game world.

Trove Credits are just one of the ways to support the development of Trove and in turn provide players that purchase them with premium content access. This includes things like special mounts, slots, classes and countless other items. By purchasing credits players can also avoid grinding out currency.


How To Get Your Free Trove Credits:

  • Register forĀ an account on PrizeRebel.
  • Complete the site tour to learn about PrizeRebel (and get some free points).
  • Visit the offer section of the website. In this area you can watch videos, complete tasks, fill in surveys, try new games and more.
  • With everyone of the above simple actions you complete you’ll generate points on the PrizeRebel website which can be redeemed for free game codes to some of the popular online games.
  • This selection of prizes includes Rixty game cards and Karma Koins, both of which are supported by Trove as payment methods for Trove Credits.
  • Redeem one of the above mentioned game cards and login to your Trove account, navigate to the buy credits page as shown below:


  • Select the Credit Card and Other payment option, select the appropriate number of free Trove Credits (based on the game card value you redeemed from PrizeRebel) and click continue to payment:


  • Select Rixty or Karma Koin (based on the card redeemed) and follow the remaining prompts by entering in the code provided from the PrizeRebel website.