How To Get Free Smite Gems

Hooked on the popular MOBA Smite but want to get more from the game? Follow the instructions below to start earning free Smite Gems for new god unlocks or cosmetic items to separate yourself from other players.

This method also allows you to purchase Smite packs and works for all Smite game versions (PC and console), it works in a similar manner to Smite offers by using to earn Rixty game cards, a supported payment method of Smite.


What Is Smite & Smite Gems?

Smite is one of the top MOBA games, with a following well into the millions. Available for PC and consoles players command their own god as they battle others in fast paced third person action.

As a freemium title Smite relies on premium purchases from players to fund its game development. Smite Gems and Smite Packs are one element of this monetisation and accordingly give players some additional benefits.

Smite gems are available in a variety of amounts for real money but can also be obtained from log in bonuses, quests, special events and by completing offers. Gems are used to purchase new gods for you to play and skins to alter the appearance of the gods you own.

How To Get Your Free Smite Gems:

  • Create a PrizeRebel Account (takes only a few seconds).
  • Take the site tour to earn some easy points and then visit the offer section.
  • This offer section is similar to the in built system of free Smite gems where you’ll complete surveys, watch videos, do simple tasks and much more. The benefit of using PrizeRebel though is the greater number of offers and higher payouts for your time.
  • Once you’ve earned enough points for a Rixty game card you can redeem a code which is provided within your PrizeRebel account. Copying this code and then entering it into the Smite store will allow you to get your free Smite Gems.
  • Redeeming your code is easy, visit the Smite store page for your game version and select the amount of gems or other Smite pack you want:


  • Click on the checkout button and expand the payment method selection to include all payments. Choose the Rixty game card option:


  • Press the continue button (as shown below), this will take you to the Rixty payment portal where you can enter in your game card from PrizeRebel.