How To Get Free Pirate101 Crowns

Do you play Pirate101? How would you like to get free Pirate101 Crowns to unlock extra game worlds or purchase premium items from the Pirate101 Cash Shop.

If you are tired of not having Pirate101 Crowns for Pirate101 then look no further because PrizeRebel is the number one solution. Using PrizeRebel you can also get a free Pirate101 membership or some crowns for Wizard101.

I have been using PrizeRebel for a number of years now, originally I used their website for free Wizard101 Crowns but now I’ve moved onto playing Pirate101.


How To Get Your Free Pirate101 Crowns or Membership:
To get your free Pirate101 Crowns simply register for PrizeRebel and complete simple offers on their website. PrizeRebel offers free $10 Pirate101 prepaid game cards which can be used for free Pirate101 Crowns or a free Pirate101 membership. Earning your free Pirate101 game card is extremely easy and you can have your crowns instantly added to your account.

Every offer you complete on PrizeRebel earns you points to spend in their prize section and takes you one step closer to your Pirate101 Crowns. The offers available on PrizeRebel include completing surveys, playing games, watching videos or signing up for sponsored websites. As you complete offers you will earn points which can be traded in for a number of free prizes on PrizeRebel (including free Wizard101 and Pirate101 Crowns).

Sign-up for PrizeRebel now and you’ll finally be able to access all the items and extras in Pirate101 that you need Crowns or a membership for. Register using a link on this page and you’ll be rewarded with 10 bonus points towards your account after you fill in your profile information.

Below you can see one of the Wizard101 game cards I previously claimed from PrizeRebel but don’t forget that they also offer Pirate101 game cards.


Redeeming Your Free Pirate101 Crowns (or Membership):

  • Create your account, confirm your email address and login.
  • Visit the earn points section and start completing offers for points to spend on PrizeRebel.
  • Once you’ve got enough points to redeem your free Pirate101 card visit the prize section of PrizeRebel and claim your game card.
  • Login to your Pirate101 account and visit the ‘Game Card’ page:
  • Select ‘Redeem Your Card Now’ and enter in the code that PrizeRebel sent you. You’ll instantly be credited your free Pirate101 Crowns (or membership) along with a free pet for using a Pirate101 Game Card!

What You Can Buy With Your Free Pirate101 Crowns:
The free Crowns that you get from PrizeRebel can be used for both Pirate101 and Wizard101. In Pirate101 Crowns can be used to unlock new game areas permanently. Your free Pirate101 Crowns will also grant you access to powerful items and ships located in the Pirate101 Crown Shop.

If you are sick and tired of the standard game areas or need some extra strength to advance through the game then free Pirate101 Crowns from PrizeRebel are your best option.


What Is Pirate101?
Pirate101 is a free MMO aimed at children which offers amazing flying ship battles and a simple board game style combat system. Players are able to create their own pirate and explore the game world seeking out hidden treasure and completing dangerous quests.

In Pirate101 you’ll seek the treasure and glory that comes with being the most ruthless pirate in the world of Spiral. In Pirate101 you can choose your own pirate class (Buccaneer, Musketeer, Privateer, Swashbuckler or Witchdoctor), each of these classes has their own unique strengths and abilities allowing you to customise your Pirate101 experience. You can further customise your Pirate101 story with your own companion, pets, mounts and customisable pirate ships.