How To Get Free Nintendo DS Games

Need some new games for your Nintendo DS? Claim your own free Nintendo DS games, now you can have any DS game that you want without paying.

Order your free Nintendo DS games now from a massive catalog and have them delivered to you within no time at all. You can order physical games to be shipped to your address or download your free games from the Nintendo DS website.


How Do I Get My Free Nintendo DS Games?

To get your free games for your Nintendo DS just register an account on PrizeRebel, PrizeRebel has been giving out free video games since it started in 2007 and is the number one place for gamers to get free games.

So how do you earn your free Nintendo DS games from PrizeRebel? Just complete the available offers on there website in return for points. These offers include playing games, signing up for websites, watching videos or filling in surveys and questionnaires.

After you spend some time on PrizeRebel earning enough points you can redeem them for your own free games. Either request a physical Nintendo DS game or claim a Nintendo DS game code to redeem it for a free download Nintendo DS game.


How To Redeem Your Free DS Games:

  • Register an account and start using
  • Complete offers, surveys, watch videos and play games for points.
  • Earn enough points for your desired Nintendo DS game.
  • You can claim a free Nintendo DS prepaid card or visit the prize section and search for the game you want (you can see an example below).
  • Claim your prize and wait for a few days to receive your page.
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