How To Get Free Linden Dollars For Second Life

Need some L$? Learn how to get some free Linden Dollars for Second Life now. Earning your free L$ is extremely easy and faster than earning them in Second Life through jobs.


How To Get Your Free Linden Dollars:

You will be using to get your free Linden Dollars, PrizeRebel is a reward website that rewards users for filling in market research surveys, playing games, watching videos, visiting sponsored websites and much more.

As you complete these various types of offers on PrizeRebel you will earn points or cash. You can redeem points for a Visa gift card or withdraw your cash into a PayPal account. Regardless of which option you choose you can use both these payment methods in Second Life for Linden Dollars.

PrizeRebel has been rewarding gamers since 2007 making it the number one source for free Linden Dollars. I’ve been using PrizeRebel to get free L$ since I started playing Second Life and it has allowed me to purchase Second Life land and items that I would never have been able to achieve otherwise.

What Are Linden Dollars (L$)?

Linden Dollars are the virtual currency of Second Life and are often referred to as L$ for short. This game currency in unique in that it can be directly traded into US dollars which has allowed some users to make a sizeable amount of money from Second Life. There are some other games like Second Life that offer this option to trade in game currency for real currency but SL is definitely the leader in this field.

Linden Dollars are used in Second Life to purchase land, goods and services. Below you can see two of my PayPal cashouts that I have used to spend on Linden Dollars:


Redeeming Your Free Linden Dollars:

  • Start using, if you sign-up from this website and complete your profile you’ll get 10 bonus points to get you started.
  • Earn enough points for Visa Gift Card or earn cash for a PayPal cashout.
  • Login to your Second Life account and visit the buy L$ page.
  • Choose your required amount of Linden Dollars and follow through with the purchase.
  • Depending on your Second Life settings you may have to add your PayPal or credit card (the Visa Gift Card) through the billing page in your account as shown below: