How To Get Free 3DS Points and Free 3DS Games

Do you own a Nintendo 3DS? Do you want to get free 3DS points or maybe some free 3DS games? With your own free Nintendo 3DS points you can buy games or extras for your Nintendo 3DS (and make all your friends jealous).

Nintendo 3DS points can be spent in in the Nintendo 3DS eShop on games, videos, applications and many other extras. All the digital content in the 3DS shop has a real dollar value, so there is no messing around with points (making life alot easier).

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How Do I Get Free 3DS Points and My Free 3DS Games? By registering for PrizeRebel and completing daily surveys, simple tasks and various offers (visiting advertiser websites, playing games or searching the web) you can get your own free 3DS games.

These activities that you complete on PrizeRebel will reward you with points which can be traded in for a variety of prizes (including a free Nintendo Prepaid card). Alternatively you can have popular Nintendo 3DS games delivered straight to your door through Amazon, the free 3DS game opportunities are endless with PrizeRebel.

Once you have achieved the required number of points on PrizeRebel you will receive the 3DS shop code and be able to redeem it on your account where it can be added to your Nintendo 3DS eShop wallet and used to purchase anything you want. PrizeRebel currently only offers the $10 Nintendo 3DS Cash Card.

This Nintendo card code can be traded in for free 3DS points, free Wii U points or free 3DS games from the online marketplace.


What Is The Nintendo 3DS? What Are 3DS Points? The Nintendo 3DS (often called simple ‘3DS’) is part of Nintendo’s line of portable consoles and is backward compatible with its predecessor the Nintendo DS and DSi. The 3DS has the unique ability to project 3D effects without 3D glasses which has drawn great praise from users and reviewers alike.

A Nintendo 3DS XL has since been released that features an enlarged screen size and better battery performance.

The Nintendo 3DS system is supported by an online store known as the Nintendo 3DS eShop. In the shop you can purchase a variety of a games, additional content, videos, extras and applications for your 3DS device. The shop also features demos, game trailers and previews for upcoming games.

With all these features available in the Nintendo Shop, what are you waiting for to get your free Nintendo Points? Sign-up for PrizeRebel now.