Free Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) Games

How would you like some free Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) games? Claim any game on Xbox Live Arcade for free now. If you are sick of not having the latest and greatest XBLA games then read on and start redeeming your free XBLA games.


How To Get Your Free Xbox Live Arcade Games:

Register an account on PrizeRebel to start claiming your free Xbox Live Arcade Games. Simply earn points on their website and redeem them for your own free Microsoft Points which you can use to claim any XBLA game for free.

Earning points is easy on PrizeRebel and includes things like surveys, playing games, trying new applications for your smart phone, signing up for websites and much more.

Start using PrizeRebel now and begin earning your free XBLA games. You can choose from any game in the Xbox Live Arcade database.


What Is the Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA)?

The Xbox Live Arcade or XBLA is part of the distribution service for the Xbox 360. The arcade has a focus on smaller sized games with smaller price tags (most are under $20). Titles within the XBLA mostly consist of classic console games or games published by indie developers.

The Xbox Live Arcade has hundreds of games in its collection which continues to grow. Popular games available from the service include Minecraft, Castle Crashers, Worms, Plants vs Zombies, Doom and many more.

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Redeeming Your Free Xbox Live Arcade Games From PrizeRebel:

  • Register your PrizeRebel account and earn points to redeem a free Microsoft game card from their prize section.
  • As a new user you will have to wait a few days to receive your code. As you use PrizeRebel more you will be able to unlock instant codes, which makes redeeming free XBLA games extremely easy.
  • Once you’ve received your code it will appear in your ‘Prize Claim History’ as shown below:
  • Copy this code and login to your Xbox Live Account to access the ‘Buy Points‘ page and select the redeem a code option:
  • Next you will enter your Microsoft code from PrizeRebel and your account will be credited with your Microsoft Points.
  • Now you can claim any XBLA game you want for free all thanks to PrizeRebel.

Some Of The Best XBLA Games You Can Have For Free: