Free Google Play Codes – Get Free Google Play Apps

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How Do I Get My Free Google Play Codes?
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How To Redeem Your Free Google Play Codes:

  • Regiser for PrizeRebel and get 10 bonus points for finishing your profile.
  • Complete surveys, tasks and other offers on the PrizeRebel website.
  • Claim your free Google Play Code in the PrizeRebel prize section.
  • Login to your Google Play account and visit ‘Google Play Redeem Codes‘ page.
  • If this is your first time redeeming a free Google Play code you may need to fill in some additional information:
  • After you have set your information you can then redeem your Google Play codefor free Google Play Apps in the Google Play store

What Is Google Play?
Google Play (previously the Android Market) is the digital distribution service for the Android platform (similar to the iTunes store). Google Play offers a large amount of content (both free and paid) in a number of categories including music, movies, apps, programs and even books.

Google Play like iTunes can sync your content across a number of different devices making it both easy and convenient. Learn more about Google Play on the official Google Play website.

If you need help redeeming your free Google Play codes visit this support topic.