How To Get Free GCash (Gaia Cash)

Are you addicted to Gaia Online? How would you like to get some free GCash to be able to purchase all those awesome items in the Gaia Cash Shop? Your free Gaia cash can also be used to purchase exclusive items.

Register using the banner below to join me and millions of other members that earn free Gaia Cash on a regular basis. The banner below will take you to the popular PrizeRebel website where you can get a free Rixty Game Card which can be redeemed for Gaia Cash on the Gaia Online website.


How Do I Get My Free Gaia Cash?
To get your free Gaia Cash all you need to do is sign-up for PrizeRebel and complete various offers. The service that PrizeRebel offers is similar to the ‘Earn Gaia Cash’ feature already available in Gaia Online except that PrizeRebel’s rewards are much higher since they have been offering gamer rewards since 2007.

PrizeRebel offers Rixty Game Cards which can be redeemed on the Gaia Online website for free GCash. Your requests on PrizeRebel for cards are approved instantly, meaning there is no waiting between earning and receiving your free Gaia Cash.

I’ve used PrizeRebel for several years now and have used it for Gaia Cash (among other things) and have been very happy with the expereince I’ve had while using their serice.

Register from this page and get 28 points for finishing your profile information. A great start to earning your Rixty codes to use in Gaia Online.


How To Redeem Your Gaia Cash:

  • Create an account on PrizeRebel, login to your account and start completing offers for points.
  • Once you’ve got enough points for an Rixty Game Card ($10) just redeem it and use it on the official Gaia Online website.
  • To use your code login to your Gaia account and then access the ‘Buy Gaia Cash’ page. Select the appropriate amount of Gaia Cash and then select the Rixty option.
  • This will then open a new window where you can enter your Rixty Game Card PIN from PrizeRebel.

What Is Gaia Cash (GCash)?
Gaia Cash (GCash or simply Cash) is the premium game currency available in Gaia Online. GCash is a an easy way to fast-track your progress on Gaia Online as it allows you to quickly purchase items for your Gaia avatar.

GCash is a great way to get the most expensive items in Gaia Online, you can also use it to purchase monthly collectibles or Cash Shop exclusive items. However, Gaia Cash cannot be used in the Gaia Marketplace.

There are plenty of ways to purchase GCash for Gaia Online including credit card, phone, PayPal, prepaid GCash cards,Rixty game cards and many more.

1 point of GCash is roughly equivalent to 65 Gaia Gold in the Gaia stores.


What Is Gaia Online?
Gaia Online is an anime themed social network forum which began back in 2003 with few alternatives. The website now boasts a massive active community with over a million posts made everyday across the site.

Gaia Online members can customise their own avatars (Gaians) in a number of different ways to reflect their personality. Clothing and accessory items for these avatars are sold through the website for Gaia Coins and Gaia Cash.

Gaia Online also has some games built into the website that users can play. Other notable features of Gaia Online include guilds, houses, special site wide events and achievements.

Once you get your free GCash from PrizeRebel you’ll be able to experience all the best things in Gaia Online.