How To Get Free Howrse Passes

Are you a horse loving Howrse player? Would you like some free Howrse Passes or free Pegasus Account? Now you can easily get all the benefits that these offer include the ability to purchase special premium items.

This method is easy to use and available to everyone regardless of country and age. It works by giving you free Rixty codes which can be redeemed for Howrse passes (see further down the page for instructions). To start now, simply create a PrizeRebel account.


What Is Howrse and Howrse Passes?

Howrse is a long running and popular browser based game where players breed horses and enter them into various competitions. With a large community and constant updates the game has been a popular past time for horse lovers.

Howrse Passes are the premium currency of Howrse and in turn give players access to areas of the game that cannot be accessed without them. While Howrse is quite fair in providing passes through various gameplay mechanics those wanting to experience the best of what the game has to offer will need to purchase them. Passes can be purchased through PayPal funds, credit cards, Rixty and PaySafe Cards

How To Get Your Free Howrse Passes:

  • Register for a┬áPrizeRebel account.
  • PrizeRebel is similar to the “Fyber Offers” that Howrse offers except that they pay out higher amounts and have a much higher number of offers available.
  • For those unfamiliar with Fyber Offers they involve trying out another web based game, answering poll questions, watching a short video and similar basic tasks.
  • For completing the above actions you’ll be rewarded with PrizeRebel points which can be redeemed for Rixty game cards. Once you have the appropriate number of points you can redeem a free code.
  • To redeem your code visit the Howrse Pass page within the Howrse website and select the amount of passes you want:


  • Select Rixty as your payment option, as shown below:


  • You’ll be redirected to the Rixty website where you can enter in your code from the PrizeRebel website and enjoy your free Howrse Passes.