How To Get Free Steam Accounts With Games

Are you looking for some free Steam accounts filled with popular games? Now you can easily access all the best Steam games with the method found here.

I’ve been part of this popular website for years now and have been able to get my Steam account full of games (I’m currently at over $400 and growing everyday!)

How To Get Your Free Steam Accounts And Games:

To get fill your own free Steam account full of free games just use, they are the biggest and best rewards website for gamers. With PrizeRebel you can claim as many games as you want to fill up your free Steam account.

Earning your games with couldn’t be easier! Just register an account and complete offers that are available through the sponsors on their website.  These include research surveys, watching videos, playing games, participating in contests and signing up for other websites.

Spend some of your free time doing things you probably already do online and earn a free Steam account filled with games of your choice. PrizeRebel can either custom order individual Steam games or send you a Steam wallet code to add to your Steam account.


Redeeming Your Free Steam Accounts:

  • Register your PrizeRebel account and complete offers.
  • Earn enough points for the game you want on your Steam account (100pts = $1).
  • Visit the custom order page and claim your free game:
  • Wait for your request to be processed, the game will appear in your account as a game gift from, you can see some games that users have claimed for free previously:
free-steam1 free-steam2