How To Get Free Stardollars or Free Stardoll Superstar

Do you play Stardoll? How would you like to get free Stardollars? By following this page you will be able to get your hands on free Stardoll cards which you can use for free Stardollars or a free Stardoll Superstar membership.

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How Do I Get My Free Stardollars or Free Stardoll Superstar?

To get your free Stardollars simply register for PrizeRebel and earn points through their website. PrizeRebel has been the number one destination for free gaming rewards since 2007 and is the number one method for getting free Stardollars.

For every task or survey you complete on PrizeRebel you will earn points which you can trade in for your own free $10 VISA prepaid card. This card can then be redeemed on the official Stardoll website for a free Stardoll Superstar membership (or free Stardollars instead). Earning your prize with PrizeRebel is extremely easy.

PrizeRebel has millions of users and they give out countless instant prizes everyday. There is simply no better option for free Stardollars then PrizeRebel, if you get stuck simple drop by the forums which is full of helpful members ready to answer your questions.

Redeeming Your Free Stardollars or Free Stardoll Superstar:

  • Create your account and earn points by completing offers.
  • Once you have enough points redeem your Stardoll card from the prize section.
  • Copy the code from PrizeRebel and login to your Stardoll account.
  • Visit the ‘Stardollars Page‘ or the ‘Stardoll Superstar Page‘ depending on which one you want to redeem for free. Look for the gift code option and enter in the PIN provided by PrizeRebel.

What Are Stardollars?

Stardollars are the premium currency available in Stardoll and allow you to access all the exclusive items in the Stardoll shop. With your account full of Stardollars you’ll be able to access all of the very best items that Stardoll has to offer.


What Is Stardoll Superstar?
With your free Stardoll Superstar membership from PrizeRebel you will get access to a number of benefits on Stardoll.

Stardoll Superstar is the paid membership of Stardoll which  offers users a variety of benefits including a monthly amount of Free Stardollars (200), exclusive access to StarPlaza, access to a large luxurious suite, the ability to sell items at the StarBazaar and StarDesign your own clothes.

With all these benefits why not register for your PrizeRebel account now to get your free Stardoll Superstar membership.

What Is Stardoll?
Stardoll is a dress up game that offers a safe and fun online community for tweens and teenage girls to hang out. Stardoll allows users to shop, dress up their avatars, decorate rooms and make new friends.

Stardoll is a browser based game meaning it requires no download to play. This ease of access paired with its strong (and simple) gameplay has allowed it to become one of the most popular online games for girls.