How To Get Free Rixty Codes

Now that Ultimate Game Cards (UGC) have been retired Rixty has stepped up to fill the void. Claim your free Rixty Codes (or free MolPoints) which can be used on hundreds of game titles to get premium game currency.

Regardless of which game you’re looking to redeem a free Rixty game code for this method will work, allowing you to claim an unlimited number of $10 Rixty codes. Stop playing your favourite online game without premium currency by registering for a PrizeRebel account now.


What Is Rixty and MolPoints?

Does your favourite game accept Rixty or MolPoints? Both of these currencies are available from the Rixty game card. Similar to other gift cards Rixty is available for purchase online and in physical form from a number of retailers.

What makes Rixty special though is that unlike other single game gift cards Rixty can be used in literally hundreds. In particular are the small to medium titles that don’t have the resources to have their own gift cards in stores and thus use the Rixty infrastructure to give gift card options to their player base.

Popular Rixty games include Aeria Games, Crossfire, Rift, Runescape, Archeage and many other popular online video games.


How To Get Your Free Rixty Game Code:

  • Register for a PrizeRebel account, registration is easy and simple.
  • Browser to the offer section on PrizeRebel where you can earn points for things that you already do online. This includes watching videos, providing website feedback, browsing the web or trying a new app for your mobile phone.
  • Each of these actions will return points which can then be traded in for a variety of game codes for your favourite games. One such prize offered is the $10 Rixty Game Card which is provided instantly to Silver level accounts.
  • Earn enough points and redeem a Rixty game code. Take the code to the redemption page on the Rixty site and follow the prompts.
  • With your Rixty account filled with funds, visit your favourite game and spend your Rixty balance on some premium currency.