How To Get A Free Minecraft Realms Server

With the recent release of Minecraft’s own server system wouldn’t you love to get your own free Minecraft Realms server? This method is easy enough for everyone to use and can be repeated regularly to ensure once you’ve setup your Minecraft Realm you can continue to meet the payments.

Read below for more information on earning your free Minecraft Realms server. Alternatively register now to get started straight away.


What Is Minecraft Realms?

Minecraft Realms is a new subscription based service from Mojang which allows you to easily have your own Minecraft server that is online every single hour of each day. Because the owner of the Realm has to approve all players wanting to join it is easy to manage your server and ensure only your close friends can play on the game world.

For a monthly subscription fee (with discounts for longer purchase periods) Minecraft Realms has flourished by offering a competitive server solution for Minecraft players.

How To Get Your Free Minecraft Realms:

  • Register for your own PrizeRebel account.
  • Complete surveys, sign up for new games, watch videos, complete simple tasks, enter contests, search the web and much more.
  • For completing the above tasks you’ll be awarded PrizeRebel points which can be redeemed in the store for a number of game related prizes.
  • Earn enough points to claim a free Minecraft Realms 30 Day Subscription.
  • Redeem your gift card code in your Mojang account to activate your free server for 30 days (see instructions¬†here on the official website).
  • Repeat the process every 30 days to have a free server for as long as you want.