How To Get Free Etsy Gift Cards

Learn how to get free Etsy gift cards on this page, a great way to support crafts without having too spend your own money. Maybe you’re short on cash and looking to purchase the perfect gift for someone or just want to support the creative artists on Etsy.

Regardless of your reason for wanting an Etsy gift card you’ll find the method on this page easy to use and perfect for your circumstances. Register now for PrizeRebel and claim your first of many $25 Etsy gift cards.


What Can I Use My Free Etsy Gift Card For?

Your Etsy Gift Card is equivalent to cash on and once activated can be stored as cash within your account. In order to spend your gift card at a particular store that individual store owner must have elected to accept direct deposit as a payment method (nearly all stores on the Etsy platform).

Unsure if a certain Etsy store accepts gift cards as currency? Look for the icon pictured below:


How To Get Your Free Etsy Gift Card:

  • Register for a┬á membership account.
  • Complete a quick site survey to learn how to use the PrizeRebel interface. Visit the “offer” section of the website where you can complete polls, surveys and simple tasks in order to earn points.
  • Redeem your points for a free Etsy gift card on the PrizeRebel site.
  • Take the code provided by and enter it into the redemption section of Etsy, the funds will be added to your account.