How To Get Free Daybreak Cash

Hooked on Daybreak Games? Claim some free Daybreak Cash in order to get premium in game items for your favourite titles. This works for all Daybreak titles including EverQuest, H1Z1, PlanetSide 2 and DC Universe Online. So what are you waiting for? Register now to start earning.

With your premium in game items you’ll be able to experience a new level of enjoyment in your favourite title and regularly fund your account with Daybreak cash using this method. The method described below allows you to earn your own free PayPal funds and does not require a credit card or bank account.


Who Are Daybreak Games & What Is Daybreak Cash?


Daybreak Games is a video game developer most notably known for EverQuest and the popular zombie shooter H1Z1. Originally known as SOE (Sony Entertainment Online) is was sold off to private equity and formed Daybreak Games.

The premium currency of all Daybreak titles is Daybreak cash which can be spent on special items within the respective game. As these funds are tied to your Daybreak account and not the individual game players can fund their account and spend it on multiple titles.

Players can top up their account through a number of payment methods including game cards, credit card and PayPal account funds.


How To Get Your Free Daybreak Cash:

  • Create your own free PrizeRebel account.
  • Download apps for your mobile phone, take consumer surveys, watch YouTube videos and browse the web in order to earn points in your PrizeRebel account.
  • Earn enough points to redeem PayPal funds (PrizeRebel offers various amounts ranging from $5 to $500) and send them to your PayPal account.
  • Create a free PayPal account in order to receive your PayPal funds. Note that you do not need a credit card or bank account for this step. PayPal accounts created without these are limited to spending $500 (plenty of free Daybreak Cash!)
  • Login to your Daybreak Games account and top up your account with your recently received PayPal funds from PrizeRebel.
  • Repeat the process above as often as needed to fund premium items in your favourite Daybreak game.