How To Get Free iTunes Codes

Claim your free iTunes codes now and purchase music or an app from the iTunes store now. We give out thousands of iTunes codes everyday and you can get one of them now for free.

If you have your eye on something from iTunes then follow the steps here to get it for free with your own iTunes gift card codes. Thanks to this method my iTunes music collection has never been bigger and I also have access to as many paid apps from the iTunes store as I want.

By using PrizeRebel you’ll be able to earn your own free iTunes gift cards allowing you to purchase music, apps, movies, TV shows and games from the iTunes store. Signup through the banner below to start earning your free iTunes codes now and we’ll give you 10 points to get you started just for finishing your profile information.


How To Get Your Free iTunes Codes:
To get your free iTunes gift codes simply sign-up for PrizeRebel. PrizeRebel allows users to get free gift cards for a number of games and distribution services. (including the Apple iTunes store). PrizeRebel has been providing this service since 2007 and has millions of active and happy users behind it.

The users of PrizeRebel are after many different prizes but by bringing them together PrizeRebel has a large amount of power to negotiate with advertisers to offer incentives for their users in return for completing actions. PrizeRebel then passes these rewards onto its users while taking a small cut on the side by performing as the middle man and negotiating on your behalf.

So how does it work exactly? PrizeRebel rewards users with points for completing surveys, taking part in research studies, watching videos, playing games, participating in discussions, answering questions and competing in contests. As you perform these activities you’ll be rewarded with points to spend in the PrizeRebel prize section which includes iTunes gift cards.

Once you have earned enough points on PrizeRebel you can trade them for a free iTunes gift code (which you can use to purchase anything from the iTunes store). This allows you to get paid apps for free without jailbreaking your Apple device or anything illegal like that, this method is 100% safe, secure and legitimate just look at one of the iTunes eGift Cards claimed from a PrizeRebel user below:


What Is iTunes?
iTunes is one of the most popular digitial distribution services which have become increasingly popular over the past few years as the internet continues to expand. The software is available for free and runs on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The iTunes Store is constantly growing and adding new music, apps and games for Apple users to purchase and download to their Apple devices.


How To Redeem Your Free iTunes Codes:

  • Signup and earn the required number of points on PrizeRebel (easy!)
  • Request a free iTunes gift card from the prize section ($10 or $25), if you are outside the United States you will have to use the custom order form.
  • Once you’ve got your free iTunes code from PrizeRebel simply login to your iTunes account and access the Apple iTunes store.
  • On the right hand side you will see the quick links menu, click on the ‘Redeem’ link.
  • This will bring you to the redeem gift card screen as shown below, simply enter in your iTunes card code from PrizeRebel and you’ll instantly be credited the balance of the card that you claimed.
  • If you wish to redeem your free iTunes code from PrizeRebel on an Apple device such as your iPad, iPhone or iPod then follow these directions from the Apple support section.


Now all you have to do is browse the iTunes store from your computer or Apple device and purchase anything that you want for free! The iTunes store has a massive collection of things that you can buy including music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, books, applications and games.


How To Get Free Dragon City Gems

Can’t get enough of the popular Dragon City game? Learn how to get free Dragon City Gems for your account now. With your free Gems you’ll be able to speed up game activities or convert them for food and even more Dragon City Gold.Register Now

How To Get Your Free Dragon City Gems:

If you want free Dragon City Gems just register an account on PrizeRebel, by using PrizeRebel you will be able to claim some free Facebook credits which can be redeemed in Dragon City for some free Gems.

Best of all when you redeem your Dragon City Gems with Facebook Credits you’ll get a free Dragon City pet to add to your collection.

Earning your Facebook Credits and redeeming them for free Dragon City Gems couldn’t be easier with PrizeRebel just complete offers such as watching videos, filling in surveys, performing Google searches, playing other Facebook games and much more.

Stop wishing you had Gems in your Dragon City account and start using PrizeRebel for Gems!


What Is Dragon City? What Can You Spend Your Free Gems On?

Dragon City is one of the most popular Facebook games that allows players to raise dragons. Players have complete control over the breeding, taming, raising and trading of their various dragon species, the success of Dragon City has lead to the development of many games like Dragon City.

The game’s core gameplay is extremely simple, fun and addicting. You’ll continually try to breed bigger, better and stronger dragons for Dragon City Gold and glory.

The popularity of the game stems from its lack of an energy system which gives players more gameplay freedom. The premium currency of Gems are also available outside of purchases.

Gems are the premium currency of Dragon City and can be purchased through mobile, credit card or Facebook Credits. Dragon City Gems can be used to unlock additional content, speed up queue times, upgrading buildings, purchasing special items or be converted into Dragon City Gold.


Redeeming Your Free Dragon City Gems:

  • Register for and earn points by completing offers.
  • Redeem your free Facebook Credits from the PrizeRebel prize section.
  • Visit the Facebook Credits redeem page to add the Facebook game card to your account.
  • Alternatively log directly into your Dragon City account and access the ‘Get Gems’ page within Dragon City.
  • Choose the Facebook Credits payment option as shown below:
  • Enter your PIN from and enjoy your free Gems.

How To Get Free Computer Parts

Building a computer or just need a new PC part? Learn how to get your own free computer parts now. Claim a free set of speakers, a free monitor, a free graphics card upgrade or maybe a new hard drive to store all your games.


How To Get Your Free Computer Parts:

Simply create an account at, by using their website you can claim any PC parts for free. PrizeRebel will order your free computer parts from all the major supplies including Amazon and Newegg. This means there is no limit to the PC parts you can claim.

To earn your free PC parts from PrizeRebel you’ll need to earn points on their website which you can redeem for your computer parts. Earning points is easy just complete surveys, watch some videos, register for sponsored websites and other simple tasks.

By registering for PrizeRebel and spending some of your spare time on the site you’ll be able to shave serious dollars of your next PC build or upgrade a single piece of your computer that is isn’t up to scratch.


What Computer Parts Can You Claim For Free?

Any! As previously mentioned PrizeRebel allows you to order from all the popular online merchants so brands and products are unlimited. You can claim a new monitor, speakers, RAM,CPU, GPU, hard drive, SSD, keyboard, mouse and anything else you want for your computer.

How To Redeem Your Free Computer Parts:

  • Register for PrizeRebel and earn points for your desired free PC parts.
  • Once you’ve got enough points for your desired prize visit the prize section and find the piece of PC hardware (or software) that you want. You can see an example of some prizes that PrizeRebel offers below:
  • If you can’t find the particular item you want from the prize section then PrizeRebel allows you to submit a custom order from plenty of online merchants (Amazon, Newegg, BestBuy and eBay are popular options).

Free Computer Parts Testimonials From PrizeRebel:

free-pc-parts free-pc-parts2

How To Get Free Donuts For The Simpsons Tapped Out

One of the countless people hooked on The Simpsons: Tapped Out? How would you like to get your own free Donuts to speed up your projects and access special items.

Following this method you’ll be able to get your own iTunes gift card which you can redeem for free Donuts. Don’t worry if you are an Android user though, you can also load up your Google Wallet account with method. Claiming your own free Donuts to spend in the Simpsons: Tapped Out is extremely easy. Register Now

How To Get Your Free Donuts:

The first step to claiming your free Donuts is to register for PrizeRebel. PrizeRebel allows you to claim your very own free iTunes gift cards that will allow you to add funds to your iTunes account for free. Once you’ve done that you can purchase Donuts in the Simpsons Tapped Out game for free.

PrizeRebel is extremely to use and by earning points on their website you’ll be able to trade them in for your iTunes gift card. Earning points is done through surveys, watching videos, completing simple tasks, signing up for websites, playing games and much more.

Using PrizeRebel you can quickly earn your own free Donuts and there is no limit to the iTunes gift cards you can receive. You can completely deck out your town in The Simpsons game with plenty of premium items or save the funds for another popular iTunes game.


What Are Donuts? 

Donuts are the paid currency available in The Simpsons Tapped Out. As the premium currency they allow you to unlock lots of premium content. This content includes special items in the shop and the ability to speed up buildings.

Donuts also unlock a number of special characters that cannot be obtained otherwise.

Buying Donuts can be done directly from within the game and will subtract the available funds from your iTunes account.

Redeeming Your Free Donuts For The Simpsons Tapped Out:

  • Signup for PrizeRebel and earn points for an iTunes Gift Card. If you are playing on an Android device you redeem a Google Play Card instead.
  • Claim your free gift card (depending on the platform that you play on).
  • Redeem your card to add the funds to your account, see the iTunes redeem page or the Android redeem page for the process.
  • Once you’ve redeemed the code successfully from PrizeRebel launch The Simpsons Tapped Out application and access the purchase Donuts section.
  • Select your desired amount of Donuts (or another premium in-game purchase). The amount will be deducted from your account balance which you got for free!

How To Get Free Best Buy Gift Cards

Do you have you your eye on something from Best Buy? How would you like to get your own free Best Buy gift card that you can spend in a Best Buy store or on their website.

With your free Best Buy gift card you will be able to get anything for free now. Save some money on electronics now. Maybe you want to upgrade your TV or grab a new Xbox 360. Use your Best Buy gift card to reduce the cost of your purchase or pay for it completely.

Register for a PrizeRebel account now to select from a number of popular online retail gift cards including Best Buy, Amazon and GameStop.


How Do I Get My Free Best Buy Gift Cards?
To claim your free Best Buy gift cards simple register for PrizeRebel. PrizeRebel allows you to get a number of free gift cards (including Best Buy gift cards) in return for completing surveys, signing up for websites and trying products.

I discovered PrizeRebel two years ago when I was looking to cut expenses on a purchase of a new laptop. After working my way around the site I was able to eventually pay for my entire laptop using Best Buy gift cards I had claimed from PrizeRebel. I was even able to get a more expensive laptop than the one I was able to afford, I couldn’t have been happier.

By just spending some of your spare time on PrizeRebel you will be able to easily get your own free Best Buy gift cards. PrizeRebel currently offers both the $10 Best Buy gift card and the $25 gift card. You can also combine gift cards together to reach your desired amount.

Using your gift cards from PrizeRebel is easy as you’ll receive them physically through the mail. From here you can etiher take them into your nearest Best Buy store or simply use them to shop online from the official Best Buy website.


How To Redeem Your Free Best Buy Gift Cards (Online):

  • Signup for the PrizeRebel service and start earning points in your spare time by completing offers, surveys and other simple tasks.
  • Once you’ve got enough points visit the prize section for a $10 or $25 value Best Buy gift certificate.
  • As the gift certificates are physically shipped (to allow you to use them in store) you will have to wait for delivery which can take up to a week depending on your location.
  • Once you’ve got your free Best Buy gift card in your hand you can either head to your local store and use the gift card or login to the Best Buy website.
  • Once on the Best Buy website choose your desired item(s) and proceed to checkout. Once you reach the payment method simply enter in your Best Buy gift cards as shown below:

What Is Best Buy?
Best Buy is a large American retailer that specialises in consumer electronics and now accounts for a quarter of the US market. Best Buy also operates stores in Mexico, Canada, China and Puerto Rico.

Best Buy offers a number of in house brands and now combines a number of services in addition to its wide variety of products.


Best Buy Gift Card Overview:
Your free Best Buy gift card is the perfect solution to shopping in the Best Buy store or online. The best thing about Best Buy gift cards is that they never expire, earn your free gift card now from PrizeRebel and hold onto it for as long as you want.

To redeem your free Best Buy gift card simple enter the number on the card along with the security code on the back. You can combine up to 20 gift cards together to make a purchase or combine it with another payment option to complete your purchase.

You can also check your Best Buy gift card balance either online or calling a Best Buy store.


How To Get Free Art Supplies

Get your free art supplies now and enjoy your hobby without the expenses. If you love arts and crafts then you know all to well that it can be an expensive hobby.

You can now claim any art supplies that you want, including pencils, paints, craft supplies or free deluxe art sets. Claim your free art supplies from or submit your own custom order from any online merchant. This method will also work for things like materials, books, cake supplies and much more.


How To Get Your Free Art Supplies:

To redeem your free art supplies all you have to do is register for PrizeRebel.

PrizeRebel is a rewards website that connects users with media giants who are looking for opinions on their products. Complete some market research surveys and be rewarded with points to spend on sites such as (or submit your own custom order from a number of online merchants).

You can also trial products and services, play games, watch videos and other simple tasks for points if you can’t find a suitable survey for you.

Start using PrizeRebel now, once you complete several surveys you’ll have enough points to order a prize. Browse the massive collection of art supplies from Amazon or choose your own online merchant and place a custom order.


How To Get Free Beats By Dre

Looking for a way to get free Beats By Dre? Follow the simple steps on this page to claim your own free Beats By Dre now. You can choose any headphones from the massive collection by Dr Dre.Register Now

How To Get Your Free Beats By Dre:

To claim your own set of free Beats By Dre simply register for PrizeRebel (PR).

PrizeRebel is one of the biggest reward websites and allows you to get anything that you can think of for free. This includes Beats By Dr Dre which you can order for free through their website (suppliers include Amazon, eBay and the official Dre website).

In order to claim your free headphones you’ll need enough points on PrizeRebel. Earnings points is easy though and includes surveys, playing games, signing up for websites and many other simple activities

Start using PrizeRebel today and working towards your free Dr Dre Beats, you’ll earn your headphones in no time and they will be delivered straight to your address without any hassle. Regardless of the type of headphones you want and the style you’ll be able to claim them using this method.


Claiming Your Free Beats By Dre Headphones:

  • Claiming your headphones is easy, sign-up for PrizeRebel and start earning points for your favourite set of Beats Headphones.
  • Once you’ve got enough points for your preferred set of Dre Beats visit the prize section and claim an Amazon gift card, PayPal cash or a prepaid VISA card. Alternatively if your desired pair of headphones cannot be purchased with one of these methods then you can submit a custom prize request, allowing you to order of nearly any merchant and use your points balance towards the purchase.
  • You can see proof from one of PrizeRebels happy users below:

How To Get Free Beats Headphones

Wishing there was a way to get free Beats Headphones? There is a 100% legit way to get your own free headphones. Now you can claim any headphones from the Beats collection for free in no time at all.


How To Claim Your Free Beats Headphones:

Earning your free set of Beats Headphones is extremely easy thanks to PrizeRebel. With PrizeRebel you can anything for free including Beats Headphones. You can order your headphones from all the popular merchants including Amazon and theofficial BeatsByDre website.

To get your free headphones you’ll have to earn points by completing the available offers on the website. These include market research groups, surveys, playing games, enjoying videos and visiting sponsored websites.

Start using PrizeRebel now to get your own set of free Beats Headphones. Choose your favourite headset and have it sent straight to your house.


Redeeming Your Beats Free Headphones:

  • Sign-up for PrizeRebel and earn points to spend on your free headphones.
  • Once you’ve got enough points for your Beats order your prize and await delivery!
  • If you can’t find your desired Beats Headphones on PrizeRebel you can submit a custom prize claim to order from any online merchant.


Some Examples of Free Beats Headphones From Other Users:


How To Get A Free Sewing Machine

Are you looking for how to get a free sewing machine? Maybe you are a student or maybe your old machine has broken down. Whatever the reason there is an easy way to get your hands on a new sewing machine for free.

How To Get Your Free Sewing Machine:

Earning your own free sewing machine is extremely easy, just create an account on PrizeRebel and complete offers for points, once you’ve got enough points you can choose your own free sewing machine and have it sent to your doorstep as soon as possible.

PrizeRebel is supported by advertisers looking to access a large user base to increase their website traffic, receive feedback on products and much more. By completing surveys, watching videos, clicking advertisements, playing games, registering for websites and searching Google you’ll earn points which you can redeem in the PrizeRebel prize section.

The prize section of PrizeRebel includes a large number of items including free sewing machines shipped from Amazon. If you can’t find your desired sewing machine on Amazon then you can custom order your prize from another online merchant such as eBay.

Register for a PrizeRebel account now and start your journey to a free sewing machine.


Redeeming Your Free Sewing Machine From PrizeRebel:

  • Create your account on PrizeRebel and complete the various offers available for points. 100 points is equal to $1, most offers will reward between 50-500 points.
  • Once you’ve got enough points for your desired prize visit the prize section of PrizeRebel and claim your sewing machine (see some examples below).
  • If you want to hunt for a particular sewing machine you can also submit a custom prize request for other online merchants such as BestBuy, eBay and

How To Get A Free RuneScape Membership

Learn how I’ve been able to play RuneScape with a free RuneScape membership for the past 3 years. It’s easy to do, safe and 100% legitimate.

If you play RuneScape but not having a RS membership is holding you back then you’ll love this method to claiming a free RuneScape membership. Claim your membership now and you’ll finally be able to unlock all the premium features that a RuneScape membership offers.

Thanks to I’ve been able to have a RuneScape member account for over 3 years and I couldn’t be happier. Register with the banner below to join me and millions of other members.


How To Get A Free RuneScape Membership:
To get your free RS membership you want to register for PrizeRebel. PrizeRebel is a fantastic website that allows you to get free RuneScape membership codes and many other game related prizes completely for free. I’ve been personally using them to save money on my gaming hobby since 2008 and they have online since 2007.

To get your free RuneScape membership from PrizeRebel all you have to do is complete offers, surveys and tasks. These tasks include simple things like watching videos, performing searches and even playing games. As you complete these activities on PrizeRebel you’ll quickly build up points to spend in their prize section.

The PrizeRebel prize section is full of gaming related prizes and also includes prepaid VISA cards, PayPal funds and Rixty game cards, all of which can be used for a RuneScape membership. Sign-up for PrizeRebel now and start earnings points towards upgrading your RS account.

How To Redeem Your Free RuneScape Membership:

  • Create your PrizeRebel account, it’s free, easy and only takes a few seconds.
  • Once you’ve got your account just complete offers for points, once you’ve got enough for the $10 PayPal/Rixty/VISA card simply request. All of these methods allow you to get a free RS membership.
  • Once you’ve received your code just login to your RuneScape account and visit the members page and click on the upgrade button.
  • Next select the applicable purchase option (VISA, PayPal or Rixty).

The Benefits Of A RuneScape Membership:

  • Extra Quests: Gain access to over 160 exclusive member only quests.
  • More Skills: RuneScape Membership gives you access to 9 more skills.
  • Mini-Games: Play a number of mini-games available only to members.
  • Larger World: Members can experience a larger RuneScape universe.
  • Full Screen Mode: Now you can play RuneScape in full screen.
  • Build A Home: Members can build their own unique houses in RuneScape.
  • No Adverts: Sick of seeing advertisements? There are no ads for members.
  • Updates: Members get first access to new features.
  • Outfits & Emotes: Personalise your character with unique clothing and emotions.
  • Auras: Get an edge over non-members and level up faster.
With your free RuneScape membership you will be able to access everything listed above and more. For full details see the member overview.

What Is RuneScape?
RuneScape is a popular fantasy based browser game that takes place in the fantasy land of Gielinor. In RuneScape players will explore vast landscapes, battle dark creatures, complete quests, make friends and train a number of skills. Few games like RuneScape have been able to bring MMORPGs into the browser space successfully.

With over 220 million accounts RuneScape’s popularity speaks for itself, get your free RuneScape membership from PrizeRebel now to experience all the premium RuneScape features.