How To Get Free Neocash For Neopets

Are you interested in learning how to get free Neocash for Neopets? Neocash (or NC) is one of the virtual currencies available in the popular free browser based game of Neopets and allows you to access many premium features and items.

Believe it or not there is an easy way for you to easily get some free Neocash (free NC).  All of your friends will quickly be jealous when you are the richest Neopian. Thanks to PrizeRebel I have been able to get freebies for Neopets from the NC Mall since I started playing over 3 years ago, it’s great!

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How Do I Get My Free Neocash (Free NC)?
Register for PrizeRebel now and start earning your free Neocash. PrizeRebel rewards you with points for completing simple sign-up offers, participating in surveys, playing games and clicking advertisements.

The points you earn on PrizeRebel are redeemable for your own free $10 Nickelodeon Neopets Card. Your free Neocash codes are instantly delivered to you, so there is no wait between earning and spending your free Neocash from PrizeRebel.

If you’ve had your eye on some special items in the NC Mall and are sick of not having them then start using PrizeRebel now. In no time at all you’ll be able to purchase anything from the NC Mall. Maybe something for your Neohome, a Neopet accessory or a powerful item to use in the Battledome.

PrizeRebel also has many great contests along with a supportive staff and forum community. Currently PrizeRebel offers the $10 Nickelodeon Game Cardwhich can be redeemed for free Neocash or free Nickcash for other Nickelodeon backed games (such as Monkey Quest).


How To Redeem Your Free Neocash:

  • Register for PrizeRebel from this page (get 28 points for completing the site tour).
  • Earn the required number of points for a pepaid VISA which you can redeem to become a member.
  • Request your prepaid card from PrizeRebel.
  • Copy the code provided by PrizeRebel and visit the membership page on the Neopets website to claim your free membership or Neocash.
  • Spend your free Neocash in the NC Mall! Or enjoy the additional benefits that a Neopets membership has to offer.

What Is Neocash?
Neocash (NC) can be used to purchase plenty of premium items and features in the Neopets universe. You can use your free NeoCash in the Neopets NC Mall to buy a number of items including mystery capsules, superpacks, games, clothing, seasonal items and other special NC collectibles.


How To Get Free Microsoft Points

Are you in need of some free Microsoft Points for your Xbox or Windows Live? Claiming your free Microsoft Points is extremely easy and you can start spending them within minutes.

Claim your free Microsoft Points instantly now by creating your account on, PrizeRebel is the number one reward website for gamers and gives out countless amounts of free Microsoft Point codes every day to their millions of members and you can become one of them now by registering your account and using their service.

Learn more about how to get free Microsoft Points below and how to spend them in the Xbox Live Marketplace or in one of the Windows Live Marketplaces.


How To Get Your Free Microsoft Points:
Simply register for PrizeRebel to claim your free Microsoft Points, PrizeRebel is the biggest and best reward based website to get your free Microsoft Point codes, they offer amazing customer service, a great website, high paying offers and a friendly forum to answer all your questions.

If you’ve wanted to access all the goodies that come with Microsoft Points but have been able to purchase them for yourself then PrizeRebel is your number one alternative. The sooner you get started the quicker you can start spending your points on things you have always wanted from the Xbox or Windows Marketplaces.

By completing offers through the Prizerebel website (such as surveys, tasks, signing-up for websites, watching videos and playing games) you will earn points which can be redeemed for your own free Microsoft Point game codes.

By using PrizeRebel you can claim a variety of codes including Microsoft Points of 800 point and 1600 point denominations or a Xbox 360 Live 3 Month Gold Card instead. You can even claim some free Xbox 360 games (physically delivered to your address).


What Are Microsoft Points?
Microsoft Points are the currency used throughout the Microsoft platforms. Microsoft Points are used predominately in the Xbox Live Marketplace but are also used in Windows based marketplaces, Microsoft has announced that they plan to remove Microsoft Points and replace them with real currency based system by the end of 2013.

Microsoft Points are available for purchase through credit cards and prepaid game cards with the price of Microsoft Points varying dramaticailly based on region and currency (one reason for the shift to a real currency system).

Redeeming Your Free Microsoft Points:

  • Register your account on PrizeRebel.
  • Start earning points by completing offers on the PrizeRebel website.
  • Earn enough points for your desired free Microsoft Points, Xbox Live membership or free Xbox game.
  • Redeem your prize from the prize section and copy the code you receive:
  • Login to your Microsoft account and visit the ‘Points Redemption’ page. Simply enter the code provided by PrizeRebel.

How To Get Free Karma Koin Codes

Are you looking to get free Karma Koin codes? Learn how you can get free Karma Koin for Nexon, Gamerage, Fantage, Musicshake and more.

Do you play a game that uses Karma Koin as one of its payment options? Do you wish you could get some free Karma Koin? Well now you can! Simple sign-up for PrizeRebel to get started.

Start earning your free codes now and you’ll not only be able to get your hands on some premium currency for your favourite game but also be supporting a great cause. Members of PrizeRebel claim hundreds of Karma Koin codes everyday and now is the time to join them (PrizeRebel has over 4million users!)


How To Get Your Free Karma Koin Codes:
Sign-up for PrizeRebel to start earning your free Karma Koin Codes now. 

PrizeRebel is one of the biggest rewards websites and focuses on gaming related prizes and gift cards codes. PrizeRebel rewards users with points for completing simple sign-up offers,watching videos, playing games or participating in surveys. 

Once you have generated enough points you can trade them for a free Karma Koin prepaid card code ($10, $25 or $50). With this code you can redeem it on any website that accepts the Karma Koin currency (see here for the full list)

Your free Karma Koin will be approved instantly once you have the required points meaning you don’t have to wait to spend your Karma Koin on your favourite website. Simply copy the Karma Koin code provided by PrizeRebel and redeem it on your desired game or website.

PrizeRebel also offers a great forum with plenty of active and helpful users. As the number one rewards website PrizeRebel also has some of the highest paying offers which will allow you to quickly and easily get your free prize codes.


Redeeming Your Karma Koin Codes:

  • Signup for PrizeRebel and start using your account to earn points.
  • Once you’ve got enough points simply head across to the prize section and request a Karma Koin code. You’ll receive your code into your account instantly.
  • Copy the code provided by PrizeRebel and head to the game or website that you wish to use your Karma Koin on.
  • The redemption process will vary slightly for each website, below is an example of how to redeem your Karma Koin game card code for a Nexon game:

What Is Karma Koin? What Can I Buy With My Free Karma Koin?
Karma Koin is quickly growing as a popular online payment method. Karma Koin allows you to easily pay for premium items in your favourite game or purchase something from your favourite website (while also donating a cut to charity).

With your free Karma Koin codes not only will you be able to buy whatever you desire you will also be helping the world by donating a percentage of your purchase to charity. Regardless of what you want Karma Koin for the method provided on this page (PrizeRebel) will work for you and is completely safe and 100% legitimate.

For a full list of sites and games currently accepting Karma Koin visit the official Karma Koin website.



How To Get Free Lego Sets

Looking to learn how to get free Lego sets? Now you can claim any Lego set for free by using this page.

If you can’t afford expensive Lego sets or simply aren’t able to purchase them for yourself then this method is the best way to get your own free Lego sets.

How To Get Free Lego Sets:

Signup for a PrizeRebel account to claim your free Lego sets. You can claim any Lego that you want for free from complete sets to special collections or just individual  pieces.

Earning these free Lego sets is extremely easy with PrizeRebel just complete surveys, tasks, watch videos, play games, visit websites and perform Google searches. As you complete these various activities you’ll earn points which you can redeem for your favourite Lego sets.

No longer will you have to play with your old Lego sets, now you can have as many free Lego sets as you want. Register for PrizeRebel now to start.


Redeeming Your Free Lego Sets From PrizeRebel:

  • Register your account on the official website and complete your profile for some bonus points to get you started.
  • Earn points by completing the offers available.
  • Once you have enough points for your desired Lego sets visit the prize section and claim your prize. It will be approved and delivered to your house in a few days. You can see an example of some of the free Lego sets available from PrizeRebel:
  • Alternatively you can submit a custom orders claim for any piece of Lego that you want if you cannot find the prize you want on PrizeRebel.

How To Get Free Linden Dollars For Second Life

Need some L$? Learn how to get some free Linden Dollars for Second Life now. Earning your free L$ is extremely easy and faster than earning them in Second Life through jobs.


How To Get Your Free Linden Dollars:

You will be using to get your free Linden Dollars, PrizeRebel is a reward website that rewards users for filling in market research surveys, playing games, watching videos, visiting sponsored websites and much more.

As you complete these various types of offers on PrizeRebel you will earn points or cash. You can redeem points for a Visa gift card or withdraw your cash into a PayPal account. Regardless of which option you choose you can use both these payment methods in Second Life for Linden Dollars.

PrizeRebel has been rewarding gamers since 2007 making it the number one source for free Linden Dollars. I’ve been using PrizeRebel to get free L$ since I started playing Second Life and it has allowed me to purchase Second Life land and items that I would never have been able to achieve otherwise.

What Are Linden Dollars (L$)?

Linden Dollars are the virtual currency of Second Life and are often referred to as L$ for short. This game currency in unique in that it can be directly traded into US dollars which has allowed some users to make a sizeable amount of money from Second Life. There are some other games like Second Life that offer this option to trade in game currency for real currency but SL is definitely the leader in this field.

Linden Dollars are used in Second Life to purchase land, goods and services. Below you can see two of my PayPal cashouts that I have used to spend on Linden Dollars:


Redeeming Your Free Linden Dollars:

  • Start using, if you sign-up from this website and complete your profile you’ll get 10 bonus points to get you started.
  • Earn enough points for Visa Gift Card or earn cash for a PayPal cashout.
  • Login to your Second Life account and visit the buy L$ page.
  • Choose your required amount of Linden Dollars and follow through with the purchase.
  • Depending on your Second Life settings you may have to add your PayPal or credit card (the Visa Gift Card) through the billing page in your account as shown below:

How To Get Free 3DS Points and Free 3DS Games

Do you own a Nintendo 3DS? Do you want to get free 3DS points or maybe some free 3DS games? With your own free Nintendo 3DS points you can buy games or extras for your Nintendo 3DS (and make all your friends jealous).

Nintendo 3DS points can be spent in in the Nintendo 3DS eShop on games, videos, applications and many other extras. All the digital content in the 3DS shop has a real dollar value, so there is no messing around with points (making life alot easier).

Claim your free 3DS points below and redeem your own free 3DS game that you’ve always wanted to have.


How Do I Get Free 3DS Points and My Free 3DS Games?
By registering for PrizeRebel and completing daily surveys, simple tasks and various offers (visiting advertiser websites, playing games or searching the web) you can get your own free 3DS games.

These activities that you complete on PrizeRebel will reward you with points which can be traded in for a variety of prizes (including a free Nintendo Prepaid card). Alternatively you can have popular Nintendo 3DS games delivered straight to your door through Amazon, the free 3DS game opportunities are endless with PrizeRebel.

Once you have achieved the required number of points on PrizeRebel you will receive the 3DS shop code and be able to redeem it on your account where it can be added to your Nintendo 3DS eShop wallet and used to purchase anything you want. PrizeRebel currently only offers the $10 Nintendo 3DS Cash Card.

This Nintendo card code can be traded in for free 3DS points, free Wii U points or free 3DS games from the online marketplace.

wars-nintendo-ds pokemon-nintendo-ds

What Is The Nintendo 3DS? What Are 3DS Points?
The Nintendo 3DS (often called simple ‘3DS’) is part of Nintendo’s line of portable consoles and is backward compatible with its predecessor the Nintendo DS and DSi. The 3DS has the unique ability to project 3D effects without 3D glasses which has drawn great praise from users and reviewers alike.

A Nintendo 3DS XL has since been released that features an enlarged screen size and better battery performance.

The Nintendo 3DS system is supported by an online store known as the Nintendo 3DS eShop. In the shop you can purchase a variety of a games, additional content, videos, extras and applications for your 3DS device. The shop also features demos, game trailers and previews for upcoming games.

With all these features available in the Nintendo Shop, what are you waiting for to get your free Nintendo Points? Sign-up for PrizeRebel now.


How To Get Free IMVU Credits and Free IMVU VIP

Tired of not having IMVU Credits? How would you like to get free IMVU credits? Or maybe you want to get free IMVU VIP status?

With your free IMVU credits you’ll be able to purchase the premium items in IMVU that you’ve had your eye on. While a free IMVU VIP account will offer exclusive status, discounts and privileges. Best of all you can also remove the ‘guest_’ part in front of your username.

I’ve been playing IMVU for years and this method has proven time and time again to be the best way to get IMVU Credits without paying for them myself.


How To Get Your Free IMVU Credits:
By signing up for PrizeRebel you will be able to earn your own free IMVU credits. PrizeRebel is similar to the in built ‘Earn Credits’ feature of IMVU except that PrizeRebel has higher paying offers, more available offers and provides a great customer support system. This is because PrizeRebel has been online since 2007 and is a website dedicated to gamer rewards.

So how does PrizeRebel work? PrizeRebel rewards users for giving their feedback, completing surveys, watching videos, registering for websites and even playing games. Advertisers are always looking for your opinion and PrizeRebel helps you find these sponsored offers and get rewarded.

PrizeRebel is your best option to get free IMVU credits or free IMVU VIP status. They have a large number of offers available, a helpful support staff and will instantly approve your free IMVU credit requests. Register now through a link on this page and receive bonus points when you complete your PrizeRebel profile survey.

PrizeRebel offers a $10 prepaid VISA card which can be redeemed on IMVU for free IMVU credits or VIP status.

How To Redeem Your Free IMVU Credits or Free IMVU VIP:

  • Create your PrizeRebel account and start earning points towards the prepaid VISA game card by completing offers and tasks.
  • Earn enough points for your prepaid card and redeem it from the prize section.
  • Login to your IMVU account and access the buy credits page:
  • Next simply select the credits or membership options that you want and select the VISA option. Enter in the code provided by PrizeRebel to complete your purchase.

What Are IMVU Credits? What Is The IMVU VIP Program?
IMVU credits are a currency available in the IMVU universe. The currency forms the basis of the IMVU economy and is used to purchase items from the IMVU catalogue including clothes, make-up, eyes and custom hair styles.

The IMVU VIP program offers IMVU users a number of exciting benefits and discounts and is available in monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions. Users may also subscribe to the VIP program with IMVU game cards ($10 = 1 month).

Some of the IMVU VIP benefits include; no advertisements, a special VIP badge, monthly free IMVU credits, discounts on products in the IMVU catalogue, increased room limit, early access to new features and priority support.

If you are interested in learning more about the IMVU VIP program check out the official VIP Club page. With all these benefits on offer it is hard not to want a free IMVU VIP account. Alternatively you might also be interested in this large list of games like IMVU if you want a similar experience.


How To Get Free GCash (Gaia Cash)

Are you addicted to Gaia Online? How would you like to get some free GCash to be able to purchase all those awesome items in the Gaia Cash Shop? Your free Gaia cash can also be used to purchase exclusive items.

Register using the banner below to join me and millions of other members that earn free Gaia Cash on a regular basis. The banner below will take you to the popular PrizeRebel website where you can get a free Rixty Game Card which can be redeemed for Gaia Cash on the Gaia Online website.


How Do I Get My Free Gaia Cash?
To get your free Gaia Cash all you need to do is sign-up for PrizeRebel and complete various offers. The service that PrizeRebel offers is similar to the ‘Earn Gaia Cash’ feature already available in Gaia Online except that PrizeRebel’s rewards are much higher since they have been offering gamer rewards since 2007.

PrizeRebel offers Rixty Game Cards which can be redeemed on the Gaia Online website for free GCash. Your requests on PrizeRebel for cards are approved instantly, meaning there is no waiting between earning and receiving your free Gaia Cash.

I’ve used PrizeRebel for several years now and have used it for Gaia Cash (among other things) and have been very happy with the expereince I’ve had while using their serice.

Register from this page and get 28 points for finishing your profile information. A great start to earning your Rixty codes to use in Gaia Online.


How To Redeem Your Gaia Cash:

  • Create an account on PrizeRebel, login to your account and start completing offers for points.
  • Once you’ve got enough points for an Rixty Game Card ($10) just redeem it and use it on the official Gaia Online website.
  • To use your code login to your Gaia account and then access the ‘Buy Gaia Cash’ page. Select the appropriate amount of Gaia Cash and then select the Rixty option.
  • This will then open a new window where you can enter your Rixty Game Card PIN from PrizeRebel.

What Is Gaia Cash (GCash)?
Gaia Cash (GCash or simply Cash) is the premium game currency available in Gaia Online. GCash is a an easy way to fast-track your progress on Gaia Online as it allows you to quickly purchase items for your Gaia avatar.

GCash is a great way to get the most expensive items in Gaia Online, you can also use it to purchase monthly collectibles or Cash Shop exclusive items. However, Gaia Cash cannot be used in the Gaia Marketplace.

There are plenty of ways to purchase GCash for Gaia Online including credit card, phone, PayPal, prepaid GCash cards,Rixty game cards and many more.

1 point of GCash is roughly equivalent to 65 Gaia Gold in the Gaia stores.


What Is Gaia Online?
Gaia Online is an anime themed social network forum which began back in 2003 with few alternatives. The website now boasts a massive active community with over a million posts made everyday across the site.

Gaia Online members can customise their own avatars (Gaians) in a number of different ways to reflect their personality. Clothing and accessory items for these avatars are sold through the website for Gaia Coins and Gaia Cash.

Gaia Online also has some games built into the website that users can play. Other notable features of Gaia Online include guilds, houses, special site wide events and achievements.

Once you get your free GCash from PrizeRebel you’ll be able to experience all the best things in Gaia Online.


How To Get Free GameStop Gift Cards

Got your eye on a video game, accessory or console on GameStop? How would you like to get your own free GameStop gift card to purchase anything from the GameStop website for free?

Claim your own GameStop Gift Card now from PrizeRebel and join over 4million other members that claim thousands of free gifts on a daily basis. WIth your free gift card you’ll be able to purchase anything from the official GameStop website and have it delivered to your door.


How To Get Your Free GameStop Gift Card:
To get your free GameStop gift card simply register for PrizeRebel and complete the available offers on their website.

These offers include simple surveys, signing up for websites, participating in contests, watching videos, trying out products and even playing featured games. You’ll find that you can earn points for many things that you probably already do online.

By completing these simple offers you will earn points which you can spend on the prize section on the PrizeRebel website. The points can be traded in for a number of prizes including gift cards, video games, game codes and GameStop gift cards.

PrizeRebel will send your free GameStop gift card instantly once you have the required number of points. Currently PrizeRebel offers both the $10 and $25 GameStop egift card (but you can custom order a higher denomination). You can see some of the GameStop gift cards claimed from a PrizeRebel member below:


What Can I Buy With My Free GameStop Gift Card?
With your free GameStop gift card from PrizeRebel you will be to purchase anything that is available in the GameStop online store. This includes video games for all your favourite game consoles, phones, laptops or a new gaming headset.

By using PrizeRebel to get your own free GameStop gift cards you will never have to pay for a video game or game console again.

How Do I Redeem My Free GameStop Gift Card?
Once you have completed the required number of offers on PrizeRebel, head over to the Prize Section and claim your desired GameStop gift card ($10, $25 or custom order a higher value).

Next simply head over to the official GameStop website and select your desired product, proceed to the checkout and enter in your free GameStop gift card code provided by PrizeRebel as shown below:


How To Get Free Grooveshark Anywhere

If you love to use Grooveshark to listen to music then you’ll love the ability to claim a free Grooveshark Anywhere code. With your free Grooveshark Anywhere subscription you’ll be able to access plenty of extras.


How Do I Get My Free Grooveshark Anywhere Account Upgrade?

To upgrade your account to a free Grooveshark Anywhere account just register on PrizeRebel and complete some offers on their website.

PrizeRebel is the number one rewards website and allows users to earn themselves free prizes, gift cards and online game codes for completing offers. These offers include market surveys, playing games, watching videos, registering for websites and many other simple tasks.

By using you’ll be able to access a free Grooveshark Anywhere membership with just a small amount of your spare time.

What Is Grooveshark?

Grooveshark is a popular online music streaming service that also provides music recommendations and a search engine. The service also allows users to upload and easily share music with their friends and across other social media platforms.

The Grooveshark catalog has billions of files and tens of millions of users Grooveshark has two account levels, free and the premium account known as Grooveshark Anywhere.


What Does My Free Grooveshark Anywhere Subscription Get Me?

  • No more advertisements on Grooveshark.
  • Unique features to customise your Grooveshark experience.
  • Access to apps for your Android or iOS device.
  • Priority support.
  • First access to new features and website designs.
  • Unlimited space for your uploads.

How To Claim Your Free GrooveShark Anywhere:

  • Register for PrizeRebel and earn the required points for a GrooveShark Anywhere card in the prize section (500 points).
  • Login to your GrooveShark account and visit the redeem page as shown below:
  • Enter in the Grooveshark Anywhere PIN from and enjoy your upgraded account!